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Right on.

“They say this cat is a bad mother - . . . ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Shaft


~ Isaac Hayes on Oscar Wilde on "Shaft"

“But I'm talking about Shaft!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Isaac Hayes

“Then I dig it!”

~ Isaac Hayes on Oscar Wilde

John Shaft is a complicated man, no one understands him but his woman, so Shaft cannot be described in more than one sentence otherwise everyone will understand and he can't be Shaft no more.[1] SHAFT!


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Shaft at age nine, right on.

The Black Private Dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks.1


Ya damn right.2

Early Adulthood[edit]

A complicated man, no one understands him but his woman.3

Contemporary Descriptions[edit]

The man that would risk his neck for his brother-man.4

Life History[edit]

The cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about.5


Can ya dig it?6


  1. Just talking about Shaft.


  1. Right on.
  2. Shut yo mouth.
  3. Just talking about Shaft.
  4. Can ya dig it?
  5. We can dig it.
  6. Wah-kachaka-wah-kachaka-wah-kachaka-wah-wah-wah . . .
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