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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for whore?

Apparently, little girls can still fuck you up even if they don't have real fists.

The Powerpuff Girls (also known as The Powerslut Girls) is an American pornographic reality TV show about the eponymous group of three little superwhores who have dedicated their lives to screwing around with as many people as possible, working at a local brothel. It ran from 1998-2006. The series was created by pedophile Craig McCracken, and first produced by Hanna-Barbera (now Cartoon Network Studios) for Cartoon Network.

The show was good until Chris Savino ruined it with his run (seasons 5 and 6), and it's just like what happened with Dexter's Laboratory, another show he ruined.


Apparently, the Powerpuff Girls were made of sugar, spice, everything nice, and a can of Whoopass.


Originally called Whoopass Girls, the idea for the reality show Powerpuff Girls. (No freakin' joke!)
In fact, I think the creator has a fetish for cute girls... For Japan (and its stupid Western fans), can you say, loli? They were also intended to look have normal human appearances, but the artists decided to spice things up a bit by making the eyes bigger than their brains.

Current status[edit]

“They're fucking whores”

~ Captain Obvious on Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls ended its production as a reality show in 2006. Until recently, reruns of The Powerpuff Girls have been playing on Cartoon Network in reverse chronological order, but due to bad scheduling and a lack of popularity, it was taken off the air the following year. However, episodes still air in Britain in the Cartoon Networks Cartoon Cartoons hour on the channel, as well as in half-hour compilations on the UK-only Cartoon Network TOO. Also, new stories featuring the Girls are printed regularly in Cartoon Network Block Orgy. On December 6, 2010, the show returned to Cartoon Network in reruns after four years of being off the air. Reruns of the show have aired continuously in Australia since 2006 and the show began airing on Boomerang (a sister channel of Cartoon Network) in December 2008.

In Japan, a hentai anime adaptation of this series, Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, began airing in Japan on July 1, 2006. The real girls have signed on to provide voices for the English dub. Buttercup is currently in rehab for her Heroin addiction.


Naked girls beat up bad guys, more commonly Anthony Bruce's Asshole. Ohh so pro. Bad guys say "hey, that's not nice." Naked girls feel so sorry for doing something *gasp* NOT NICE that they shave their heads in pennance. Once the naked girl's hair grows back, they do it again.


The Powerpuff Girls were created by Professor Utonium, who was trying to make the perfect love dolls by combining something naughty, something exotic, and everything erotic, when (courtesy of his monkey assistant Jojo) he accidentally knocked a glass of "Chemical XXX" into the mixture, resulting in the three artificial-mutation little superwhores. These feisty, super-hot, ever-horny nymphos with the occasional hot fantasy, race into little boys' pants to save the city of Townsville from otherwise inevitable boredom.

The Girls[edit]

There were originally three Powerpuff Girls, but over the seasons, two other girls have also joined the team named slut face and whorehead. It is said that Buttercup has actually got a penis growing on the left side of her belly-button.

  • Blossom (Bosom)- Red-haired, pink-eyed, and dressed in pink. The ending theme refers to her as "commander and the leader", as she is the most dominant member of the group, which helps hold the group together, although occasionally she gives into her own urges and becomes very fiery, passionate, and somewhat submissive. Her special super signature ability is Ice Breath, a special form of fellatio. Her favorite sex act is to do role play, such as dressing up as a teacher, cheerleader, nurse, etc...
  • BubblesBlonde, blue-eyed, and dressed in light blue. The ending theme refers to her as "the joy and the laughter", meaning that she acts as the most submissive member of the group. She is defined by her innocence, playfulness and gentle demeanour. She does, however, have a tendency to be naive. Because of this she is often abused by her friends. She even Suck A Monster Dick & Her special super signature ability is being able to moan in every language of the world (including animal languages). She can has multiple orgasms.
  • Buttercup - Black-haired, green-eyed, and dressed in light green (if dressed at all). Referred to in the ending theme as "the toughest fighter", she is the group's tomboy and she likes it really rough. If you were to engage in the art of surprise sex, Buttercup would put up the most resistance (although give up eventually because recent studies have showed that girls only pretend like they don't want to be five-wayed). She is feisty, proud, and always ready for some hot steamy sex. She has a habit, though, of letting her aggression get the better of her, and many of her partners end up with scratch marks on their backs. Her special super signature ability is curling her tongue, which neither Blossom nor Bubbles can (nor can anyone else who has ever appeared on the show), she uses this technique in oral sex. Because she's feisty, she usually sucks until the partner's genital falls off. The narrator comically claims he can do it too, but we cannot see him. Because she is the roughest member, her favorite sex act is anal. Due to lack of estrogene, she can't have babies.
  • Bunny - In one episode, there was a fourth Powerpuff Girl named, who was brown-haired, purple-eyed, and dressed in purple (when she was dressed). When the three original girls couldn't handle all the excitement any more, they decided to create a new Powerpuff Girl themselves, but she didn't turn out exactly as planned. Instead of following the recipe for a perfect love doll properly, the girls (because they are analphabetic) had trouble reading the formula and they used something haughty, something chaotic, and everything idiotic. She was an unstable composition, and she exploded on the same episode she was created, leaving behind a piece of her dress and her vagina (just like Jimmy Carter when he was born {excluding the dress part}) .
  • Dynamo - Professor Utonium also once created Dynamo, a huge robot Powerpuff girl. It was used to satisfy a giant blowfish monster, which exploded upon having an orgasm. The Mayor ordered the girls to never use Dynamo again, however in a later episode, the Mayor has been seen getting it on with Dynamo himself. Dynamo later went on to co-star in a Godzilla movie as Jet Jaguar.
  • Bullet - A Powerpuff who tried to dress as a squirrel, but ended up eaten as lunch.

Apart from being extremely hot, sexy, beautiful, and extremely skilled in sex, the three girls also possess some special superwhore-talents. Because of the strange Chemical X, the girls have been blessed with several special superwhore-powers:

  • Super stamina
  • Super agility
  • Inability to get Super AIDS
  • Ability to fulfill any man(or woman)'s fantasy.
  • Unlimited vaginal lubrication.

In some cases, they utilize special team maneuvers to sasiate their partners, such as:

  • The Ferocious Fiery Feline-position, the girl's own sexual position which from the side resembles a cat.
  • A triple oral attack twice from the front and once from the back.
  • Creating after-image doubles (who can also fight)
  • Morphing into a ball to save people or strike them out
  • A tongue-tornado with devastating after-effects.

Guest appearances[edit]

Throughout the years many people appear on the show, below is a non-exhaustive list of the most notable people to appear on the show.

Extended family[edit]

Ms. Bellum posing as an all American average middle-class housewife.

Some friends/colleagues of the Powerpuff Girls who have appeared recurringly on the show are:

  • Professor Antonio Utonium - A scientist who created the Powerpuff Girls. The Professor is very "square" and old-fashioned, and he is unlucky in love (which explains why he tried to create the perfect sex dolls through science, rather than going out and scoring some pussy). He acts as their legal guardian and also as their pimp.
  • Ms. Keane - Madame of Pokey Oaks (the brothel/strip club the girls work at) she is patient, understanding and very passionate about her job, making her a well-liked figure. She is also recognized for being the sexiest character in the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Officer Mike Brikowski — A fat, lazy police officer who, after getting fired, started working at Pokey Oaks as bouncer.
  • The Talking Dog - An unknown cross-breed dog who hangs around Pokey Oaks. The show's narrator's frequently adds random lines, supposed to be the dog's thoughts (hence the name). He is mostly seen in the background but he once had an episode devoted to what the girls did with him (either for fun or for clients).
  • Mayor - An old, empty-headed mayor who is referred throughout only as "Mayor." (In one episode where he was forced to run for re-election as Mayor, he ran with the campaign slogan "Vote for Mayor for Mayor!"). The mayor is very, very fond of his pickle (which is actually his replacement penis). The mayor is an infantilist. He knows that Pokey Oaks and especially the Powerpuff Girls and their sexual attics are the biggest attraction for Townsville's tourism and he shows his appreciation in the only way acceptable to the girls... The Mayor is married, although his marriage is troubled as the Mayor openly has many affairs. (His wife never appears and her name is not released either, she is also not referred too often, because she objects to the show.) See also retard.
  • Ms. Sara Bellum - Mayor's very competent assistant, the statuesque redheaded person, whose face never shown, because she is so beautiful, producers were scared she might outshine the girls. She handles things the Mayor can't, which is everything above 8 inches and the girls, who the Mayor has never been able to really satisfy.
  • Mitch Mitchelson - Trailerpark trash from the wrong side of town, who can usually be found around Pokey Oaks, drunk and annoying other guests. He has had an on/off relationship with Buttercup.
  • Elmer Sglue - One of the uglier clients, who is often high on glue. He had the hots for Buttercup, but she always declined his offers, which even went into thousands of dollars. During a mental breakdown, he threatened to blown up Pokey Oaks, at which point Buttercup finally caved in. Elmer is a friend and neighbor of Mitch.

Major recurring clients[edit]

Over the years many clients have visited the girls, they are usually the focus of the show. Some of them have returned several times.

Mojo Jojo before being shipped off to Professor Utonium's lab
  • Mojo Jojo- Before the creation of the Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utomium had a pet monkey he used to spank, however after he created the girls, he started to neglect the monkey. Jojo then drank of Chemical X to become like the girls, but instead he ended up with vast intelligence, a cod-Japanese accent and an overly convoluted manner of speaking. In one of the first episodes, he and Professor Utomium made up and out and since he has been a regular visitor of the girls at Pokey Oaks. Before being shipped there, he saved Townsville's bizarro counterpart, Booyaville, from evil prohibitionists.
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins - A large, husky, hairy hillbilly who loves bondage and S&M, through which he can channel his aggression in a positive way.
  • Him - A mysterious, red-haired, local hermaphrodite. Because of legal problems relating to his ambiguous gender, he currently does not posses an identity and thus is not allowed to use a name, which is why he is referred to as Him. He likes to role-play and often dresses up in different outfits or he also likes psychological manipulation as a form of foreplay.
  • The Gangreen Gang - A street gang who wear green colours (hence the name) who are quite ugly. They are juvenile delinquents, who every now and again come in for a big orgy with all three girls. At one points, Buttercup joined their group for a while.
  • Sedusa - A woman who is also very much into role-play and S&M. She often dressed up and has been shown to whip people with her long hair
  • The Amoeba Boys - A group of three friends. They are all in their 40s and still virgins. They usually wear long raincoats and hats to avoid recognition. They come in to watch the girls perform their (striptease) shows, but have yet to pick up the courage to go into a private session with them.
  • The Smiths - The Girls' apparently dull and ordinary but covertly extremely kinky and incestuous next-door neighbors. They actually appeared twice in the show, the first time when Harold was so infatuated with the Girls that he left his family for a while to get it on with the girls, which led to an emotional climax, aside from the usual type of climax seen on the show. Harold returned to his family. In a later episode, the whole family returns getting it on with the girls in a hot sweaty incest orgy.
  • The Rowdyruff Boys - Evil male versions of the Powerpuff Girls made by Mojo Jojo. Although they are enemies of them, they also get turned on whenever they see them and start jacking off. The PPG (Powerpuff Girls) were annoyed by this and destroyed them by fucking them. They were later resurrected by Him and grew spikier hairstyles. They skateboard and are currently a band that has released 2 albums so far.

Brick - The leader of the gang. He wears a red cap and is in love with Blossom. He is very bossy and likes calling his brother Boomer a fucktard. He seems to be the smartest of the group but doesn't show it because he takes drugs (a drug called Chemical X). He loves graffiti and video games and smoking tobacco.

Boomer - A fucktard and Bubble's boyfriend. He always gets turned on whenever he sees dumb blondes with pigtails like Bubbles, so he's in love with her. He was called Boomer cuz he loves using missiles, dynamite and bombs whenever he gets the chance.

Butch - A lot of the time, he is either hyper, high or drunk. He has dreams about marrying Buttercup in his sleep while masturbating like crazy. He also gambles and keeps slugs and shit in his pockets. There was also a rumor that Butch was the retarded clone of Vegeta.

Whenever they get the chance, the Rowdyruff Boys try to flirt with the Powerpuff Girls.
    • The Father: Harold
    • The Mother: Maryanne
    • The Daughter: Julie
    • The Son: Bud

Guest clients[edit]

Most clients only appeared once on the show, some of the most memorable were:

  • Femme Fatale — A lesbian feminist, who initially comes to protest the girls and the Pokey Oaks brothel. The girls however manage to "persuade" her to see things their way.
  • The Kat — The Girls are hired by an unseen pet-owner, who wishes to videotape the girls doing his cat, while under hypnosis.
  • Abracadaver — A Texan oil-billionare had as a wish that after his death, the Girls would have sex with his body, before it would be buried. The episode, he appeared in was highly controversial. (See also Controversies).
  • Roach Coach — A disgusting old man who had a room filled with cockroaches. Is actually a cockroach himself, commandeering a robotic body.
  • The Dooks of Doom — A trio of bikers, .
  • The Boogie Man — A once-famous 70's rockstar that hired Pokey Oaks and had a huge Disco Boogie-themed gang-bang with only former 70's VIPs attending.
  • Mr. Mime (not the Pokémon) — A coulrophiliac, who dressed up as a clown and had the girls dress up as clowns in one episode.
  • The Ministry of Pain — A trio old men in their 70's, who engaged into having a pizza party with the girls.
    • Mastermind: the leader.
    • Cohort: the short but extremely skilled torturer.
    • Counterpart: the muscleman, whose specialism was powerful spanking.
  • Pedo Bear - Yeah....
  • Lenny Baxter — A Powerpuff Girls memorabillia collector and otaku, who traveled from NYC to Townsville to visit the girls in one episode. Claims to be their biggest fan.
  • Twiggy and Mrs Herbert G. - A hamster and his owner, who has Twiggy introduced to the anal cavity of one of the Rowdyruff Boys.
  • The Giant Fishballoon — A man with a water-head, who's head explodes after Dynamo gives him a blowjob.
  • Godzilla - Tried to destroy Townsville, but was ultimately beaten into submission by Buttercup single-handedly.


Several other people also appeared on the show who weren't guests:

  • Narrator - The series' enthusiastic but unseen narrator, known for opening nearly every episode with "The city of Townsville!" and ending them with "So once again, the day is saved, thanks to...The Powerpuff Girls!". He will often comment on the proceedings of the episode.
  • Major Man — A Californian gigolo, who was extremely jealous of the girls and temporarily ran his own brothel in Townsville. For a moment all the clients flocked to his joint, but the Pokey Oaks staff found out he was paying people to come there, hoping the girls would become so desillusioned they would quit their jobs.
  • Bernie Bernstein — A film director who shot the Girl's first professional adult feature.
  • Donnie — Bernie's assistant director.
  • Dick Hardly — Professor Utonium's former roommate in high school, who always took advantage of Utonium and came up with get-rich-quick schemes. He tricked the Powerpuff Girls into giving him the formula with which they were created. However lacking the Chemical X, he created the perfect sex dolls, Professor Utonium had longed for. Dick Hardly went off to sell these dolls as the Powerpuff Girlz Xtreme, commercialized, mass-produced blow-up doll-versions of the Powerpuff Girls.
  • Powerpuff Bluffs - Three girls who imitated the Powerpuff Girls and advertised under their name as an escort service, they are eventually found out.
  • Princess Morbucks - A spoiled, insecure, rich 5-year-old girl, who wishes to become one of the Powerpuff Girls. After her skills and natural attributes proved inadequate, she uses her vast financial resources to try to close down Pokey Oaks.
  • Major Glory and Val Hallen - A Californian gigolo and a Dutch Rockstar, who represents an elite group of adult entertainers known as the Association of Whore Super Men. In the episode "Members Only", they rejected the Powerpuff Girls' membership for their organization, despite passing the entrance tests, as they don't accept artificial humans. However later they need political support in the constituency of Townsville and they revise the rules to allow the Girls to join and in return the Girl's promote a petition they needed approved.
  • The Powerpunk Girls - A group of religious fanatics promoted three girls from their midst who look similar to the real girls, who appear in television commercials promoting abstinence.
  • Samuel L. Jackson - He's in everything.


  • 79 episodes in 6 seasons have been made. new episodes from the 2016 reboot has changes to 204-245 episodes.
  • The self-titled film called The Powerpuff Girls Movie is the movie released in 2002 by Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • There is an hour-long Christmas special entitled "Twas the Night Before Christmas". In this scripted feature Princess Morbucks (played by actress Paris Hilton) switches Santa Claus's naughty and nice lists, which results in the girl's dildo's being sent to retirement homes.
  • They turn on 4-year-old boys.
  • The series was cancelled after the 4. season which caused a great disappointment to the fans. In the 4. season's finale, at the end of the episode Blossom gets killed by an over sized living dildo. This caused a major sadness throughout the Powerpuff Girls fans. And with the news that the show getting cancelled the fans protested the producer of the show by masturbating on front off his Malibu mansion. Due to the pressure that was caused by the fans (the incident was called "major masturbation case" by the FBI)the producer Micheal El Perverto promised the fans a fifth season that includes Blossom's return.
  • Blossom was not included in the last episode. It is rumoured that Blossom has received many offers to many famous comedy shows scheduled after the end of the series. Blossom has been invited to become the next host of the world-wide known TV talk show The Late Late Show. She simply rejected the offer ,graciously, in the grounds of the show not being erotic enough. Thus, Blossom has played non-erotic parts such as her guest star role in Friends as a maniac-depressive plastic chicken or in Married... with Children as the teacher who kept on sticking wild mushrooms into her nostrils while singing the Best Of Paula Abdul, she has announced that her feelings towards the entertainment industry has deteriorated since the time she had received a letter by Quentin Tarantino that includes the terms "sticking Russian mallets into delirious vaginas" or "getting mildly entertained by her (Blossom) wild little anal bubbles that float around during the show".
  • In January of 2009, the Powerpuff Girls were brought back for a half-hour special entitled "The Key to Satisfaction". Blossom came back for this episode. The plot involved A mystical artifact, The key to satisfaction, being brought to Townsville. The key allows anyone who has it to have the entire human race as sex slaves. The Girls and villans hunt it down, leading to a huge strip party. They continue fighting over the key killing many people and ending at a huge orgy party (The longest in the series). The episode ends with the Mayor getting the key, Buttercup having her first period, and Blossom and Bubbles joining an all woman army.

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