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“The 80s called. They want their virginity back.”

Oscar Wilde

Regular Günsche (Otherwise known as Regular Show in the English dub) is a German propaganda cartoon created by that one guy who helped with Flapjack. The sitcom was originally written for Children who did not prefer to watch something else on Netflix, such as “Cartoons That Don’t Try Too Hard to Be 80s’’, which somehow manages to get a lot more sexual appeal than Regular Günsche. Give it up for the sweatshop animators for doing the impossible.

The show premiered in the year 1936, a day before the Hindenburg crashed onto the Olympics players. This marks the day that those damn Nazis first stole approximately eleven minutes of their audiences' lives. With each showing of Regular Günsche , another eleven minutes of a child’s individuality is lost. For just pennies a day, you could save these kids precious eleven minutes of their lives from being snatched by Cartoon Network.

Now I know you are most likely reading this article because you enjoy Regular Günsche. So, I guess we should just get down to business.


Oh what a wonderful day! The only thing that could ruin this day is a cartoon with National Socialist Furries

Oscar Wilde

The Regular Günsche series revolves around the bangtastic lives of 23 year-old orgy mates. Herr Günsche (known in the dubs as ‘Mordecai’ just to spite the original creators) a blue jay that symbolizes the nation’s pride and his Raccoon companion with similar values Herr Rigner (aka Rigby). They are forced to work as groundskeepers in a local nudist park that represents Communism, so they constantly seek to avoid working and instead seek entertainment in the form of partying and prostitution. More often than not this results in their boss, Comrade Benski (aka Benson), becoming extremely erect enraged at the two. It is already hard enough to take the furries seriously, but taking Benski seriously is much more difficult due to the fact that he is a living gumball machine that works for Stalin.

The most trusted coworker is Comrade Skipanov (aka Skips). He is Benski’s most hard working employee and is always willing to serve the Motherland. He will sometimes even pity the furries.

Coworkers who sympathize with the ‘protagonists’ include Pops the lollipop-headed dildo with erectile dysfunction, Herr Hermann Göring (aka Muscle Man) the overweight green Grinch who claims his mother harassed him as a kid, and a disgusting ghost of a war criminal named High Five Ghost who violated the Geneva Convention.

The two love interests in the series include a red breasted robin hooker named Margaret, and another raccoon from you-know-where named Eileen. She looks like a mole, but she isn't. We all know that raccoons are breeded to deceive.

There are also recurring guest stars, such as Mike Pence and John Wilkes Booth.

Oh yeah... and there’s also Herr Goatenburg (aka Thomas) the Nazi goat. He disguises as an American and ‘reveals’ himself as a Russian but he’s actually German. He was in the same Hitler Youth group as Günsche and Rigner.


Writing process[edit]


For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Regular Show.

The writing process for Regular Günsche starts with the staff writers playing "writer's games". They do this to find any inspirations they deem enjoyable for putting into their kickass episodes. Once an idea is greenlit, the magic happens.

The plot for an episode generally begins with a problem that must be overcome. Generally, Günsche and Rigner are the no-luck losers who must face these obstacles. During the attempts to overcome these problems, be it simple or hardcore, generally there is an epic battle that involves a glorifying message to the Third Reich. Comrade Benski is defeated, yet he respawns and imprisons them once more in order to maintain continuity. Each episode ends with an emotional speech done by our ‘protagonists’ that successfully brainwashes all the white children worldwide.

After the enemies are defeated, the episode typically ends because the Russians refuse to let episodes in the series be more strange then they already are.

The dubs have no choice but to try to censor the series as much as possible in order to prevent it from turning the children who watch it into white supremacists. Even then, some of the imagery still gets to the kids which is enough to groom them into being members of the KKK.

Anything notable about its production process?[edit]

Well, this part of the production process is pretty normal except for the fact that animation of the show occurs in North Korea. If North Korean citizens disobey the Great Leader Kim Jong Un, they are sent to the studio as ‘employees’ for all eternity. If you look closely, there is a secret code hidden in the animation to call for help.

Voice cast[edit]

The voice cast has Herr Quintel voice Günsche, some other goon voices Rigner, Luke Skywalker voices Skipanov, and some other dudes voice the rest of the crew.

The voice casting has been praised for its ability to scream bigotry at just the right amount of decibels and for its various brainwashing included in each episode.

So that still bares the question; is the show considered regular?[edit]

Yes, they do air on a specific daily schedule.

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