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Sung to the tune of Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers

If you're a criminal he's gonna catch you

He's a talented detective, not just a gumshoe.

See that evil scientist?

Pretty soon he will be pissed

Perry's gonna fuck his shit up big time

Musical note.pngHe's a platypus

He's a platypus

So you better be nice to Ferb and don't mess with Phineas
Musical note.png
Perry the platypus.png

The Doctor's always planning something hostile

Perry just just makes that snorting sound with his nostrils

They can't ever get away

Perry always saves the day

If only all your pets were secret agents

Musical note.pngHe's a platypus

He's a platypus

When he puts on that fedora, things are getting disastrous
Musical note.png

If you want to be like Perry, there's a costume

If you want to smell like Perry, here try this perfume

When your dad wants to be sly

Call him out for trying to lie

File:Perry Platypus.png

"Curse you Perry, I'm going to get you!"

Musical note.pngHe's a platypus

He's a platypus

He doesn't really say much, but he thinks that you're a wuss
Musical note.png

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