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You are such a bad kitty that's it I've had it with you that does it I'm done that's the last straw grarfileld

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Rules![edit | edit source]

  1. No writing two words in a row. A word is anything that has a sipace after it.
  2. NoJumblingWordsTogetherToBypassTheAboveRule
  3. No reverting or deleting what other people do unless they themselves broke a rule and you are fixing it.
  4. No changing the existing story (e.g adding cosmetics or links or other things), just add on from the end.
  5. No adding random banana words. The story must penis make sense chicken if you read through butt it.
  6. No words longer than 20 letters.
  7. Have fun!
  8. Last person to edit wins!!

Story[edit | edit source]

There once was nothing. In the penis of the globalist. Nothing of interest. There might be something going insane in Discord. That sentences John to pregnancy, so he murdered every single Linkin Park member that was ever pregnant in the history of America. However, nobody cares.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

John was gonna do your mom, but her pussycat vigorously twitched your dad's racist uvula. However, penguins got [[Tryptophan synthase]] and then they committed war crimes in your basement. Years after the vortex collapsed, the basement rotted and burned with a fat stench resembling that cheese your father vomited on Valentine's mother lions.

Part 4[edit | edit source]

Mecha Reagan2.png

Well played my fella, let's consume some Doritos™ nasally with a nose (duh) and suck some kitten through a pipe dripping mucus dripping piss from the ear and screaming Nickelback's Chinook version of "Baby" by Pippi Pappi. Then, Nickelback can put more sex into Cult Gangbanging. This will majorly impact my Pokémon collection of doom while his guitar gets fucked, Jimi Longstocking style.

How Jimi wears moccasins, is determined by his flamboyancy. Why? Because moccasins are swag as moccasins. Unfortunately, Jimi's father loves hentai, cocks, and femboys, and we both rape flowers. Barbie was loved by <insert name here>, according to Alula[Citation not needed at all; thank you very much], who spends time huffing puppies and lambs but that doesn’t register her for


Part of the epic failure[edit | edit source]

The moment I understood the weakness of my balls,





RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE UNABLE TO OUTRUN THE GLUE!



~ Oscar De La Wilde on the corpses around your Hatsune Mike bodypillow.

go go eat cops fuckers

Part √-3[edit | edit source]

Your ass bounces on my pants, forcing me to flee boldly while you fuck up mummy. Ramesses watches your erection fade into dust. Disappointment will be DEADLY immeasurable because of your dysfunction of omega sex.

Can't get pussy in Ukraine after sunrise HHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

We decide who dies in this story: YOU!!!!!!!!!! or Shinzo Abe.

Wait… monkeys are rebelling! Grab your vermin to crush their plantations of mercury weed so they F̵̶̶̸̸̷̵̨̼̩̤̰͓̳̠͙̭̔̅̋̀̆̋̋̒̀̓̚L̶̴̵̸̵͓̖̙͖̲̱̮̓̒͛͒̒͝Ỳ̶̶̷̸̸̴̢̟͍̙̱͓̻̪̯̤́̓̈́̂̈̈́̏ͅ, away from <insert name here> eating Squaw Dee's ass. This is what God fears the Uncyclopedia gaining presidency worldwide will do. He shoots L10nM4st3r in the neck. KABOOM!!! But he puked plutonium out of his eyeballs, causing everything to asplode into cocaine powder dust, and some Waluigis came in the cardboard box containing cyanide and sodium. Death shall prevail in Massachusetts, then the intolerance will sprout wings after Mario kills the Flash in new Gotham starring Keanu Thieves Spiderman SLAPPALLAPPA bananas like your dad did four prostitutes last hour. Sexual tension is between 5 fingers and 8 big cucumbers fingering his asshole.

Part Simpson[edit | edit source]

Stop posting misinformation about Biden’s testicles, they’re not small! In the end, they're stupid. Just stupid. AYY LMAO CARAMBA! Milhouse Van Houten is GAY! he fucked <insert name here> last night in his asshole. He is the gayest fatherfucker since gayness materialized into Springfield. Nobody cares. Except John. He’s mourning the loss of his virginity, and nothing matters to him except mpreg. This is war. NOW! Execute Order 985: All ponies become something gayer, such as pink fluffy femboys that are in my van. Wait... why? How? Where? What?

JOHN[edit | edit source]

The creature impregnated Knife Man. There’s monkeys in the walls!!! Holy hell!

CENA!!![edit | edit source]

Why has this happened? What is causing this chaos in Ojai at midnight? Is Ojai gone? Nope, but it blew my dad's dongs, sexual violence included in this story historically doesn't scare me, because fuck that. Go fuck.

JIMI Wales impregnated my pussy brutally. God save me. Before 1969 Jimbo ate spicy licorice which tasted juicy. Then he died of police flu, making Earth pure meth. I'm visiting John Cena's pet shop right now, and I got this knife! Now stabbing innocent OPOSSUMs has increased in Ojai and the orgasm disappears. Encyclopedia Dramatica kicks itself in the balls, which ROCK! Uncyclopedia hates John because he chews chess players how a chewing guy would chew on cocaine. By chewing sperm he chewed his tobacco into an empire, destroying every Wikipedia admin's computer instantaneously.


Look! Nothing!

Chapter π[edit | edit source]

Google "your mom" and you say, "Damn, i wish i didn't search rule 34 websites before seeing this". Google sues your mom for being gay, like, REALLY gay. Trust me, bitches get laid by showing them chloroform bottles filled with cum from your mom. That's saying bullshit is pregnant. Oh yeah, that's the sins of Satan Superstar. Satan has fucked multiple succubi and enjoyed sniffing all over their hair lines like cocaine. Mmmmmmmmmm, hair.

Jesus LOVES Ojai Valley Resorts. So much so that he stuck a dildo into your nose and cured cancer, because he’s magic OR NOTHING.

WOW![edit | edit source]

Willy Wonka can shit! That’s how I died. Remember the penguins at the chocolate factory? They pushed Mario, then jumped onto a pregnant Luigi in hell, also moccasins kill moccasins just because moccasins kill mocassins moccasinly because of fucking


Ojai made itself out of spite, where it penetrated its m̷̨̢͕̮̟̬̳̠̯̈̆̔̋ö̵͚̱̅̋́̾͆͂́̓̈́̕̕c̷̛̤̬͉͈͓̬̭̪͉͙̟͇̀̿͆͆͑̀͌̽͜ͅͅç̵̡̗̟̟̠̱̙̼͙̹̙̙̙͗͜ȁ̷͚͘ș̵̀̄̄̐ȉ̵̧̢̡͚̤̜̠̲͉͇̟̼̤͌̇̇̀̇̔̂͌͋̄̏͑͜͝ͅn̶͕͕͎̳̬̦̫̿̊̈́͊͗̎͝͝ͅs̵̛̘͎͉̹̟̰͖̹̣̘̱̬̳̥̅̿̃̓̉́̓̇̎͂̓̆͘̚͜ like a monkey sins. Monkeys sin sinfully because their parents are hippies and gay primates (you!) that edit Hikipedia. Perkele! The Finns are crazy humans! Truly groundbreaking!

Part Moccasins[edit | edit source]

Mukluks stole my kidney stones and ate my toenails. It destroyed my PC (Potato Central) by extreme flooding piss started vaporizing unto my urethra, DS (Donkey Style) asploded John’s brains like dynamite mucus with leather skin all the way until it succumbed to the power of Lord Sidious. John performed kung fu on the balls of the King Penguin harasser who killed me accidentally while huffing asbestos enthusiastically. Tom died of meta-irony, heroin, ugliness. This upset John ludicrously much because Tom was his homie. In Garfield's dimension, Odie licked Jon's moccasins, making the penguins mutate, which horrified your soul, filling it with drugs. Oh mo! I'm naked and vulnerable! Somebody kill me, pretty please. Anyways, here's the seals of approval. Bad boys, bad girls, whatcha pick?

Part-time murderers murdered <insert name here> only yesterday, but I believe spaceships bring illegal perc to your dad because he hates not being retarded. His rancid car got run down and exploded. This created toxic internet trolls, which founded the Internet Cyberbullying Union (ICU) before they hijacked your Discord account for no reason whatsoever. What the hell am I even rambling pointlessly about here? Why am I doing this? I don't want to do this anymore. Hire a different torturer than the moccasin of the storyteller who's writing this story derangedly insane dickfaces.

Part... uhhh... Jimbo Tails[edit | edit source]

Jimbo Tails put the moccasins in Wikipedia yesterday. Sonichu was zapping around to my mansion of Luigi's Ouija Board, asking Chris why he murdered President Bush while eating lasagna. Chris said that Garfield hypnotized his neighbor into omega stock photos picturing Big Moccasin Billy, the infamous murderer banana. BMB nuked North Macedonia and annihilated the greeks sadistically while doing your grandmother. I tried to lynch David during my sojourn in Greenland.

So it is time, motherfucker[edit | edit source]

Canadians fucking up Alaska once fucked the moose like Jon Arbuckle did last summer in Zanzibar, where Garfield became Gothfield and turned into Gorefield. He likes Phasmophobia, hence his lack of soul-sauce and ectoplasm juice in his stomach. The Rock smelt a gas stench coming inside of Gorefield's moccasin-shaped jaw line sucking ballz quite majestically sucking dick enthusiastically sucking dick. Wow!

Step Zero[edit | edit source]


Hey, guess what I finger touched was stinky today. Now BUTT SECKS prevails in North Korea, and Kim Jong Il will be inside your finger tonight. Oh my Allah! Luna has escaped the solitary Moccasinian prison, we need moar POWAH!!!! Scotland FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO KETCHIKAN!

When England invaded France last summer, the Vikings had overtaken my random pregnancy. Penguins fucked John's newborn fetus, committing several sins and then war crimes in your attic. John was farted on by the mothers of Willy Under Tail Brige, who exploded babies' heads with Justin Bieber's latest ear album which killed over 4 quattuorvigintillion Moccasinians and Sans Undertales.

Story of YOU[edit | edit source]

User:Willy on wheels died. PSYCHE! He's fucking alive, or you madafawka madafawking go die.

<insert name here> is GAY. he kisses Squaw Dee, no one haves grammer goodses dawg or kats flogging the PB&J Peanut Butter Gamer oil with sauce and not Jam.

The reckoning shall explain macaroni bitch fucking lasagna or millions will boom

The long saga of Willy on wheels[edit | edit source]

The Zorg-Zorg ate Zork and ate your doggy ass. Idiot! weezer pooped out a dog.

The short saga of no one[edit | edit source]

The chinatown massacre ended when HE died of Malaria like what the m o c c a s i n s moccasinly moccasinned your MOCCASIN in Ketchikan and BALLS







MOCCASIN[edit | edit source]



Sex Ed[edit | edit source]


Frick. Fuck. Your story. It sucks! Write more

So blood was dripping from my feet slowly and boiling in November rain dramatically while Freddie ate mac'n'cheese while high on boobies and penises and geese pussy for Sparta! THIS IS SPARTA!!!

“Actually, I brap out turbo-moccasins constantly.”

~ Oscar Wilde

"Better late to reign over in McDonald's than Wikipedia's controversial Reddit scheme articles," yelled Leonidas, Stupidtown. "Retard King o' Oregon Faggot Reagan" bamboozled Nixon aboot the S.S. and Adolf Eichmann killed whores with the Retard StickTM. Unfortunately, my Sharona suicided like Boeing 9/11. Whistleblowers banged your mother after Lord Sauron burned Rings like biscuits. Gollum died. The moccasins killed Harry Styles Potter Truman style. Fawk (Air Ballin' Michael Cheesum Pizza) acronyms. Yeah, right. "Liars gonna lie tonight!", said Knife Girl excitedly.



What the ass?

Detention[edit | edit source]

Jonas died. Gahr was trunalimunumapzure and Støre ate ass. That's obscene! And possibly gay too. Good always loses. Sad. John cried because torture hurts. Penguins committing butthurt crimes? Basements shark ate kids and IKEA butthurt CEO’s manga ligma anime was GORL ARSE and cuckwheels Willy's. Fuck men, that's fucking gay! Except vaginas, if lesbians like women they're straight gay. Or is it? *Vsauce music*

You just birthed a baby! Congarfulations! Oh my God, it's fuckhats! Kill the anal Garfield! Gothfield! 👑Møqásÿn👑 is DEAD! (Just like Jonas!) Jon revived Margaret Simpson so they could fuck STDs and shit. Richard Watterson Wagner hates hamsters because they eat Beans and Mexicans then he didst