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“While one may occasionally enjoy viewing a mighty fir tree bending in a fair breeze, Oregon is so crowded with mighty firs it would give a groundhog claustrophobia.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Oregon's trees

“Was it worth all the dysentery? I think not.”

~ Ox on Oregon
Downtown Eugene, Oregon. Note the excessive trees.

Oregon, (pronounced ['o ɹɪ ɡɑn] or ['oɹ ɡən], but never the erroneous and stupid [ˈo ɹɪ ɡən] is often called the Next-to-Last Frontier, the Romantic Wood-Products State, and Toilet Paper Producer to His Majesty, Too Treely. But in actuality is a community of inbred escapees from the notorious Biosphere project, led by a band of moss-covered, lichen-brained, doddering Ents. Oregoniacs naively believe this band is a State Legislature.

Oregon is commonly referred to as "the Canada of California," "the Mexico of Washington," "the New Zealand of Hawaii," and sometimes "the Portugal of Idaho."

Unlike its flighty neighbor to the south, Oregon stays firmly on the ground. In this it is similar to all the other regions in the world. Except the flying ones. Or the ones that don't really fly but merely hover. Well, and the Burrowing Nation of Burundi. Let's just abandon this line of discussion, shall we?


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Oregonians have been plagued by diseases such as dysentery, cholera, and Pixelated Face Disease since the beginning (photo c. 1846)

The discoverers of Oregon came from the north, across That Other State, the one where Microsoft lurks. They found a land of mildewed valleys and boggy marshes and algae-infested ponds and dripping forests. Also some mountains and sagebrush. And rivers, they found several rivers.

So they settled down. Settlers one might call them. Some planted gardens, many hunted and fished. They explored the green and spongy land. They cut down some trees.

Then, after several thousand years, white people showed up.

That stopped the fun, you betcha.

History: The White Version[edit]

Sadly, Andy Peperony-Chease just wasn't Oregon material.

Tricked by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium, vast throngs of white people migrated to Oregon in the 1840s. They had been promised not only good farming land but a fortune in film rights from selling the story of the hardships they encountered as they crossed continent. The Oregon Trail was born.

Unfortunately most of them died en route and so their stories remain untold, except in the fantasy game cleverly published by the aforementioned Minnesota Edumacational Computating Nasturtium.

In 1898 the Rand Corporation purchased the state for $3.50, a can of Dr. Pepper, and the condition that Oregon stayed part of United States of America.

But the changes didn't stop there. The people of Oregon, harboring delusions of grandeur, declared war on several other smaller neighbouring states to the east (Taragon, Klamath and Les Empire Des Chutes). From 1914 to 1918 the Pacific Northwest was smeared with blood, sap, and syrup. But finally Oregon was triumphant, spent, flaccid, and utterly exhausted of all ambitions.

And Then[edit]

Oregoniacs have always loved river sports such as drowning. Here we see an entire town enjoying this passtime.

Modern Oregon has 7 international airports, all of which serve biplanes and Cessnas with one engine or less. The largest town sold recently to a couple of Japanese tourists for $200. They promised to maintain the gas station,although the general store was to be closed. In addition, the all-powerful gurus of the state government have decreed that because ordinary people are too incompetant and stupid to pump their own gas the task must be left to bug-eyed aliens from Neptune who pose as gas-station attendants.

There have been NO volcanic eruptions in Oregon recently. That was in That Other State.

The state animal is the beaver, so help me God. Here in the USA beaver is slang for a woman's...or a girl's....well, to be frank, the sensitive places behind her ears.

The state flower is the Oregon grape, which bears a fruit so sour it will pucker your face off. The state excrement is the thunder egg -- you know, the kind that makes echoes in a thundermug.


The Oregon Coast can be found right up against the ocean. There is some sand. Sometimes one may observe a seashell or a bit of seaweed. It is a veritable natural wonderland.

Next, moving east, one comes to some hills. They are hills in Oregon. In Estonia they would be huge mountains. But in Oregon they are measely hills. They are only about 2000 feet high, mostly, though the highest is about twice that.

Farther east one finds some mountains. They have snow and ice and rocks and bigfoots on them. Bigfoots are apocryphal apes with -- yes, you guessed it -- big feet.

Even further east is a great desert that is home to the evil warlock Jeff. He works part-time as a sagehen during the tourist season, when hordes of visitors -- about two per year -- visit the vast sagebrush steppes to view the romatic Mating of the Sagehens.

Oregon is about 4 times the size of Lithuania. It is over 5 times the size of Estonia. Yet there are very few Uncyclopedia articles about Oregon. Oregoniacs are not a boastful, noisy people.

If none of this makes sense to you, just remember that Oregon is the one on the map that is above California. That means west of Florida.

It should be noted that despite what wikipedia might say there are aboslutely no trees in Oregon. Instead sand is packed to together with the blood of hippies and the souls of democrats to create look-a-likes. Most foreigners are easily fooled and also beleive that it rains on the coast.


Many Oregoniacs pass their leisure hours spitting, killing slugs, and oiling their knee joints. Every year thousands of hunters "take to the woods" and shoot at each other. Sometimes innocent blacktailed deer (Odocoileus gardenivorus) are killed in the crossfire.

The sport of whale-carcass dynamiting as played in Oregon

Another time-honored Oregon sport is drowning. Some participants drown in rivers, some in the ocean. The Oregon Department of Damnation created and maintains many large reservoirs in which the sports-minded can drown.

A famous though rarely practiced sport is dynamiting whale carcasses. The most recent whale-dynamiting event set a new distance record for hurling decaying blubber. The winning lump of whale crushed the side of a car a quarter-mile (half a kilometre) from the starting line. One can only say "Bravo!"

Note: All tourists in Oregon besides you are terrorists trying to kill you. No, wait, all the terrorists in Oregon are tourists trying to smell you. Oh hell, we think we received bad info on this subject.

Now we come to the Lists[edit]

Famous Oregon Cities[edit]

Famous Oregon Exports[edit]

  • Slugs
  • Rain, clouds, mist, and drizzle
  • Wet-lung disease
  • Resinous plant material (not Oregono, even missplelled)
  • NBA Drug Addicts (Formally known as The Trail Blazers)
  • World class fencers.

Famous Oregoniacs[edit]

Famous Oregon Algae[edit]

  • Kelp
  • Sea Lettuce
  • Spirulina
  • Pond scum
  • California

Famous Oregon Rocks[edit]

The famous Petrified Children rocks of Oregon, shown atop a worm-eaten 2-ton potato to indicate scale.
  • The reddish one
  • That big black one with the knobs
  • The Petrified Children
  • That flat piece of sandstone that won the Nobel prize

Famous Oregon Gasses[edit]

Famous Oregon Lists[edit]

  • Cities
  • Exports
  • Oregoniacs
  • Algae
  • Rocks
  • Gasses
  • Lists

Famous Articles with More Lists Than This One[edit]

  • Romania, Romania, how we love to list thee
  • Lithuania you are Ever On Our Heart's List

...this is too tedious and boring to continue.

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