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Capital: Black Rock City
Official Language: American, Martian
Government: Gambling
Governor: Some old white guy. He's a democrat, at least.
Location: Nevada
State Motto: Where the hell am I?
State Bird: Las Vegan Showgirl
State Flower: Tobacco
State Rock Casino chip
State Beverage Free alcohol
Demographics Old white people, cowboys, prostitutes, aliens
State Club Country Club
Official Plant Jonathon tree I believe it's called
Principle imports Clueless families who are looking to live in one of those gated communities in Las Vegas
Principal exports Casinos, playing cards, showgirl feathers, aliens
Religion Just don't roll a 7

Nevada is a state in the United States. It has a capital city, Carson City, and two gambling cities, Las Vegas and Reno. There's also a bunch of little useless towns with old white people.


City Population Notes
Area 51 The government won't tell me THERE'S ALIENS IN HERE! I SWEAR!!!
Black Rock City 1,392 hippies that live in tents Home to my favorite monument, Burning Man, a giant wooden dumbass that you spend days constructing just to burn down for no reason.
Boulder City 15,023 The city you bypass on I-11 when driving to Phoenix, Arizona.
Carson City 55,414 Such a narcissistic city that it has been self-declared the state capital and an "independent city".
Elko 20,341 Why would anybody want to live out in the middle of nowhere in this city?
Ely Surprisingly 3,944. Wow! Named after an elephant.
Fernley Some ferns, of course. A place in Nevada.
Henderson 310,390 A suburb of Las Vegas that pretends to be its own city.
Las Vegas Over a large number of people. The only city in Nevada that anybody knows about.
Middlegate 3,210,921 The population is so embarrassingly small that I included the microorganism population.
North Las Vegas 321,123 I thought you were joking when you said that there was a NORTH Las Vegas...
Pahrump Many old white people Home to many mobile homes, a shit ton of vacant lots, and a Walmart.
Reno Less than Las Vegas Fake Las Vegas
Sparks 104,246 A suburb of Reno that pretends to be its own city.
Tonopah 2,211 One of many dying mine towns in Nevada.


Some guy wanted to mine some silver somewhere and found this weird pointy-shaped area he decided to call The Land of Never There, because he never came back due to the aliens and shit.

One day, some old fuck decided the state's name, "Never There", should be shortened to "Nevada".

On October 30th, 1864, Nevada citizens wanted their territory to become a state so that they can go trick-or-treating happily the next day on Halloween. The Nevada Territory became a state early in the morning on October 31st, 1864.


Most people in Nevada have cars, similar to the other US states excluding Iowa.

Nevada has highways too, but only like 3 of them are interstates, and of those 3 interstates, none of them actually go through the middle connecting the north and south, forcing you to take fucking US 95 to get from Las Vegas to Reno. I personally don't like that because now I am forced to go through those small useless towns with old white people.


Like any fool would know, there are aliens in Area 51. Check it out yourself next time you're nearby. Don't get arrested.


On Nevada's statehood day, the government decided that people can gamble and grow up to be prostitutes, which made Halloween an extra fun day.


Like many places in the West, Nevada has these 4 seasons:

  • Pre-Summer
  • Summer
  • Post Summer
  • Summer but colder