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This template is used to mark new pages which have no present value, but which could perhaps be improved if their author were given a sharp poke in the arse. Don't you dare add this to pages over a week old. Or else.

To mark a page with ICU without comment (not recommended), use the following code: {{ICU|~~~~~}}

Or, to add helpful suggestions as to ways the author could fix the page: {{ICU|~~~~~|fix=message}}

Or, to add pre-written suggestions as to ways the author could fix the page: {{ICU|~~~~~|sub=option}}.

Options are "sub=format", "sub=short", "sub=notfunny", "sub=random", sub=list, and "sub=encyclopedic"

Or, to leave more in-depth suggestions in regards to fixing the page, just leave a message on the talk page. A link to the talk page will automatically be generated. If you don't feel inclined to do so, no problem; the link will not appear.

Samples of each of these usages appear here.

Pages with this template will be added to Category:ICU and will appear on Uncyclopedia:Maintenance/ICU.

Follow the rules and commandments when using this tag. Maybe add a notice to the author's talk page if you want, although this is entirely optional.