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It might seem like I'm dead/inactive, but don't worry I'm still here (and there!) if you wish to contact me about wiki matters please use my talk page, but if you chose not to my contact info can be found below


All the awards that have been given to yours truly[edit]

Noob of the Moment Award Noob of the Moment January 2021


Commander of the Order

Some other shit[edit]

I am active at around 8-2:30ish EST/EDT Monday thru Friday

If I am not active, email me with your query

If you aren't a boomer reach out to me via discord sus#0888, though I cannot guarantee that I can respond because I don't use it as much.

The best way to reach me is here (email)

alternatively, contact me here on reddit

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This user is a Communist
& is working on their Lenin mustache! ☭

The end, goodbye[edit]

This is the end, go away, there is nothing more for you

okay, how did you get here?

Seriously, fuck off.

You have nothing better to do, don't you?

well, now that you have made it this far, here is a prize for you!

Ha! you get nothing, sucker!

really though, this is the end.

You have got to be high as hell.

seriously bro, leave, I'm outta space