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Always look for more dangerous things to stand under. Take this sign warning about avalanches, for example.The slope could collapse at any moment. It's dangerous, but only dangerous things are fun these days.
“Understanding is a bit understated.”

Jimbo Wales

“If you can't understand, try a handstand! Chips!”

Oscar Wilde

“I prefer standing with one foot on the floor and the other by this guy's neck. Fish!”

Chuck Norris on the quote above

“Utter crappy bullshit! Elephants!”

Oscar Wilde on the quote above

“If you let something stay above you, almost certainly will it give you a roundhouse kick at some point! Wait, elephants aren't food!”

Chuck Norris on the quote above

“So we was naming food then? Sosages!”

Oscar Wilde on the quote above


Chuck Norris on the qote above


Jimbo Wales on the quote above

“That's not food! Pizza!”

Chuck Norris on the quote above

An under stand is what happens when you stand under something.

These are the steps:

  1. Find something to stand under.
  2. Find a way to stand under it.
  3. Write a detailed plan on exactly how to stand under it the fastest. This plan may include not writing a plan at all, and just standing under the thing, but not writing a plan results in a building collapsing on you.
  4. Do the exact opposite of what the plan says and have sex with your friend's mom.
  5. Go back to the thing you were gonna stand under.
  6. Follow the plan and stand under it, all while eating somebody's bogies.

Congratulations! Repeat from step 1 until you understand the meaning of life.

An alternative is to:

A. Stand over something.
B. Let something stand over you.