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Call me, text me if you wanna reach me~

About me[edit]

  • I'm a hyper goofball with a fragile ego, a weird underwear fascination, and an obsession with cute things.
  • I listen to punk rock, hip hop, and hard rock.
  • I'm one of two bronies on this site.
  • I believe supergeeky1, EMC, and RAHB are all gay.
  • Whenever you hear someone on this site talk about "rarityfan", they're referring to me.
  • I'm Geeky's protege.
  • It's Denza's fault I found this site.
  • Number of edits: 555
  • I write stories for a living. Support me, pleas!
  • Je Parle anglais et francais.

Epic quote[edit]

“Uncyclopedia rocks, as it is. That's why I offered to buy it. What is our business plan for Uncyclopedia? To demonstrate to the active community here, and by extension other communities, that we know how to not f**k people. Our entire business model depends on showing the world that we are a serious alternative to Yahoo, Google, etc., etc. Because we represent a totally different approach...a totally wiki website management.”

Jimmy Wales

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