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— Uncyclopedian —
Curse you, I'm fabulous!
Name Professor Rock-O-Jello
Preferred pronoun she/her or they/them
Nationality Croissant Country
Worst Country Ever
Languages English, French
Gender Gender-fluid
Sexuality Heterosexual
Alignment Good (unless provoked)
Education and employment
Occupation Writer, editor, professional goofball
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Writing, reading, doing art projects, playing video games, watching movies, photography
Religion Christianity
Account statistics
Joined August 27, 2011
Edit count 1,570
Signature Rock-O-Jello (I'm listening...)

Call me, text me if you wanna reach me~

About me[edit | edit source]

  • I'm a hyper goofball with a weird underwear fascination and an obsession with cute and supernatural things.
  • I listen to punk rock, pop, and acid rock music.
  • I believe supergeeky1, EMC, and RAHB are all gay.
  • Whenever you hear someone on this site talk about "rarityfan", they're referring to me.
  • I'm emo, but I have a happy-go-lucky personality.
  • It's Denza's fault I found this site.
  • I write stories for a living. Support me, si'l vous plait!
  • Je parle anglais et francais.
  • Favorite movies: The Princess & the Frog, A Silent Voice, This is It, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Favorite TV shows: Merlin, Zombieland Saga, Bleach, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (S1-2), Soul Eater
  • I'm a girl, but sometimes I identify as non-binary. My pronouns are she or they.

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My userstats[edit | edit source]

Edits of Rock-O-Jello on Uncyclopedia
Total: 1,570
Article: 325
Talk: 15
User: 586
User talk: 290
Project: 76
File: 60
File talk: 1
Template: 47
Template talk: 1
Category: 31
Category talk: 1
Forum: 51

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