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  1. UnNews:Apple plans electric religion
  2. UnNews:Saudi blogger: 10th round of flogging cancelled
  3. UnNews:Saudi King Abdullah honored as human rights champion
  4. UnNews:Saudi Arabia shoots self in foot with lower sand prices
  5. UnNews:DMV style compromise reached on gun control
  6. UnNews:Belize joins Pirates of the Caribbean Bank
  7. UnNews:All clear after suspicious ink pen disposed
  8. UnNews:Assad crowned King of Syria
  9. UnNews:US congratulates $ on Syria success
  10. UnNews:Biden: We will pursue ISIS through Heaven’s Gate
  11. UnNews:Scale Everest: Now’s your chance!
  12. UnNews:How Iron Dome blocks rockets from Gaza, protects Israelis
  13. UnNews:Syria confirms American pimp in Beaucoup Harem
  14. UnNews:Five times Hillary didn’t sound like a candidate
  15. UnNews:Bus passengers told to wear crash helmet
  16. UnNews:Super Bout: McCain vs. Putin – who is ducking who?
  17. UnNews:Egypt sentences 600,000 Brotherhood members to death
  18. UnNews:What happened to Flight 007?
  19. UnNews:Russian warships, bases in Mexico worry US officials
  20. UnNews:Truth detector to weed out lies from online dating
  21. UnNews:Abby Martin ‘non-notable’ Wikipedia ban boosts notability (W/Anton)
  22. UnNews:Former convict nominated for Nobel War Prize
  23. UnNews:Facebook introduces ‘Nookie’
  24. UnNews:Afghanistan’s favorite sport: Head Polo
  25. UnNews:Korean cluster-fuck: Experts ponder unwanted pregnancy
  26. UnNews:Bellicose Uzi kills Lebanese gangster’s ex-wife<-FA
  27. UnNews:Bogus cubic zirconium found containing real diamond
  28. Glass Mike Tyson <-FA
  29. UnNews:Low-ranking Syrian terrorist defects from NATO
  30. UnNews:Rebels decide not to target air base in Syria
  31. UnNews:New safe ammo dampens gun debate
  32. UnNews:Unwikileaks in the news<-FA
  33. UnNews:Princess of Wales defends toddler ‘allowance tax’
  34. UnNews:Elephant Pee Coffee is acquired taste
  35. UnNews:‘Make Me Gay’ app debate heats up
  36. UnNews:Duchess of Cambridge right royally fucked
  37. UnNews:Saudis eye sand exports to Europe
  38. UnNews:Talking dog wins worlds biggest liar award
  39. UnNews:Iranian jets fire on unarmed U.S. drone - missing wildly
  40. UnNews:Ghost buster slimed by John Holmes poltergeist
  41. UnNews:Pre-election Highlights
  42. UnNews:Al-Qaeda bans law enforcement in secular Middle East
  43. UnNews:Idaho woman booked after ‘sleep shagging’
  44. UnNews:Nyaditski endures mosquitoes in third Amazon swim attempt
  45. UnNews:North Carolina honors wounded warriors with VIP parking
  46. UnNews:300-pound toddler too big to play football
  47. UnNews:Lucy Liu admits poisoning British bankster
  48. UnNews:Olympics undermine the doping spirit
  49. UnNews:AIDS virus chases Hillary Clinton from Malawi
  50. UnNews:Bird lovers plan same-sex “oral-day” at Chick-fil-A
  51. UnNews:Passenger finds harpoon in Air Canada sandwich
  52. UnNews:Photographer had bottoms up view of nuclear blast <-Lead
  53. UnNews:House passes Ron Paul's ‘Audit the Girl Scouts’ bill
  54. UnNews:21 drown trying to walk on water at Tony Robbins event <-Lead
  55. UnNews:Washington lauds valiant Syrian terrorists
  56. UnNews:Least important Syrian beggar calls for foreign candy
  57. UnNews:LSD users switch to Soma <-Lead
  58. UnNews:Obama chides Romney on dick size
  59. UnNews:Vampire Flu cover-up by DHS
  60. Nillion (Collab with Shabidoo and Sog) <=FA
  61. Soma <-FA
  62. UnNews:Basket case nations form bric alliance
  63. UnNews:US Attorney General refuses to prosecute self for contempt
  64. UnNews:President invokes Executive Cover-up to protect guilty Negro from Racism
  65. UnNews:Saudi Crown Prince Nayef to be buried after all
  66. UnNews:Flirting app shuts down teen service to protect adults from child predators
  67. UnNews:Hasidic NYPD recruit says she was fired over beard length
  68. UnNews:Cost to lunch with Warren Buffett: $350 million
  69. UnNews:Wind farms are solution to global warming <-FA
  70. UnNews:Falling sheep strike cars in Australia
  71. UnNews:The ambitious plan to build Star Trek's Enterprise
  72. UnNews:Auction of purported Gipper poop canceled
  73. UnNews:Bogus hooker sells sex in Mississippi
  74. UnNews:World to hold joint anti-terror war games in Syria
  75. UnNews:Martial arts pervert banned from Earth
  76. UnNews:Man flies across Rio de Janeiro using a catapult
  77. My Lai Massacre <-FA
  78. Bhagavad-gita <-FA
  79. India (Collab with PuppyOnTheRadio) <-FA
  80. The Yardbirds <-FA
  81. Womp Rat <-FA
  82. Amero <-FA
  83. UnNews:Norris admits he doesn’t know Jack
  84. UnNews:Obama blames high gas prices on Iran
  85. UnNews:Suspicious nuke discovered in French port
  86. UnNews:Marines told to disrobe before Panetta
  87. Uncyclopedian (Collab with Puppy and Aleister)
  88. UnNews:Cleopatra investigation pending toxicology results
  89. UnNews:Bomb bomb bomb – bomb bomb McCain <-Lead and FA
  90. UnNews:Tom Thumb discovered as Nepalese Yeti
  91. UnNews:WWIII postponed thanks to Russia and China
  92. UnNews:Preemptively attacked snake acquitted of manslaughter <-Lead
  93. UnNews:Police arrest suspect for PCP thought crime
  94. UnNews:Elitist media prepare public for ultimate true flag attack
  95. UnNews:Everest summit bomber startles Israeli climber <-Lead
  96. UnNews:Conspiracy Theory Conspiracies Ministry axes Alex Jones
  97. UnNews:Our newest political-lobbyist is a primitive sea sponge
  98. UnNews:FED cites plight of Kennedy, Jesus to warn dissenters (with Aleister) <-FA
  99. UnNews:Why the Chinese are buying record quantities of Lead
  100. UnNews:US false flag warning level extreme <-Lead
  101. UnNews:Palestine dilemma: suicide or surfing
  102. UnNews:Sanctimonious taunted at South Carolina gay bar
  103. UnNews:Huntsman ends presidential bid, backs China’s Hu <-Lead
  104. UnNews:Titty-twisting celebrity arrested in Disney World
  105. UnNews:US denies raucous bomb attack on Iran unclear scientist
  106. UnNews:Chinese claim Ron Paul unerectable <-Lead and FA
  107. UnNews:Danish tot builds Lego Higgs boson
  108. UnNews:Exterminist teachings sully American Koran
  109. UnNews:Ebenezer swap: Israel names Palestinian prisoners
  110. UnNews:Paralyzed race car driver crashes, burns
  111. UnNews:US to nuke Iran over plot to swat Saudi mosquito
  112. UnNews:Earthscrapers hidden underground in preparation for “designer WWIII” <-Lead
  113. UnNews:Dirt, iron ore linked to mature death
  114. UnNews:Iranian faces execution for fibbing, not just usury
  115. UnNews:Kapoor: We can beat sex slavery by legalization <-Lead
  116. UnNews:Iran plans to send another ship off U.S. coast
  117. UnNews:Dupont’s new Sanctimonious Homocide goes rogue <-Lead
  118. UnNews:Valet: Accused UBS bank trader sorry beyond recollection <-Lead
  119. UnNews:Amber reveals dinosaur clue <-Lead
  120. UnNews:Mutilated Admin serves as warning from UnNews <-Lead
  121. UnNews:Libya conflict: Jannah border cannot be closed
  122. UnNews:Cher spurns daughter’s role in TV freak show <-Lead
  123. UnNews:Qaddafi is new rebel leader, NATO flummoxed
  124. UnNews:Alien denies Al Gore threat they plan to enforce carbon tax
  125. UnNews:Rick Perrier's prowess: bribes central to success <-Lead
  126. UnNews:Assad calls on Obama to step down
  127. John Belushi <-Collab with Madmax and Oliphaunte: FA
  128. UnNews:Larry Flynt offers Casey Anthony $5 million to pose dead
  129. UnNews:Non-criminal busts into California prison <-Lead
  130. UnNews:Mick Jagger sings in Sanskrit with reborn rockers
  131. UnNews:UK rebels recognized as humanitarian intervention looms
  132. UnNews:Uncyclopedia says it’s losing contributors <-Lead
  133. UnNews:Taliban boy wipes out Seal Team 6?
  134. UnNews:Only one in 12-persons in stylish Pajero crash tests positive <-Lead
  135. UnNews:Libyan rebels recognize Sarkozy, NATO envoy Younes killed
  136. UnNews:Air France orders beautiful-Caucasian-only cabin crew for Strauss-Kahn <-Lead
  137. UnNews:Knights Templar sue Libyan al Qaeda over ink pen nuke <-Lead
  138. UnNews:Man arrested for building nuclear bomb in his toilet <-Lead
  139. UnNews:Former Mexican president urges legalizing crime
  140. UnNews:Norway:Police ponder new Breivik charge of crimes against honkies
  141. UnNews:Germany lends Libyan rebels 144 million bullets <-Lead
  142. UnNews:Goldfish killed in Mexico after ransom not paid <-Lead
  143. UnNews:German man missing since 1945 is found working in Las Vegas <-Lead July 25, 2011
  144. UnNews:Final space shuttle crashes <-Lead July 22, 2011
  145. HowTo:Soma <-Feature July 11, 2010
  146. UnNews:Woman spends $10,000 on invisible deity
  147. UnNews:Al-Qaeda network hacked; group blames terrorists
  148. Unobtanium <-FA Aug 12, 2011 (Collab. with ShabiDoo)
  149. Bohemian Grove <-FA July 24, 2011 (Collab. with Mattsnow)
  150. UnNews:Obituary:Amy Winehouse enters rebirth
  151. UnNews:Taxpayer funded study examined penis sizes in black communities
  152. UnNews:Obama meets Lama, explains capitalism <-Lead July 20, 2011
  153. UnNews:Baby murderer freed after pardon
  154. UnNews:NATO pooped, broke; Gaddafi prevails
  155. UnNews:Whiter sugar from plastic
  156. UnNews:Brazilian plane lands after take-off <-Lead July 15, 2011
  157. UnNews:Uncyclopedia warns against flaming ‘Arse-hole’ virus
  158. UnNews:Live M2 Flamethrower found on JetBlue Boston-Newark flight <-Lead July 13, 2011
  159. UnNews:Lawyer for Casey Anthony worried about getting paid
  160. UnNews:Thousands of women accuse Strauss-Kahn in feeding frenzy <-Lead July 10, 2011
  161. UnNews:US court orders change to gay military ban
  162. UnNews:Moody's downgrades Portugal from junk to dog shit
  163. UnNews:Japan's reconstruction minister resigns, all reconstruction stops
  164. UnNews:Qaddafi Arrest Warrant:African Union tells ICC to ‘bugger off!’ <-Lead July 4, 2011
  165. Inbox <-FA (Collaboration)
  166. UnNews:Ex-IMF phallus Strauss-Kahn freed, maid arrested <-Lead July 2, 2011
  167. UnNews:Porn and kids:How young is too young?
  168. UnNews:Supreme Court strikes ban on violent children’s games <-Lead July 1, 2011
  169. UnNews:ICC:Gaddafi could face jaywalking citation <-Lead June 30, 2011
  170. UnNews:Bachmann: 'scare tactics' in debt ceiling scam
  171. UnNews:California rail route splits homes to protect dung beetles
  172. UnNews:Rwandese woman minister guilty of unlicensed genocide
  173. UnNews:12-year-old allegedly played doctor and gave medical advice <-Lead June 25, 2011
  174. UnNews:Casino slot machine pays way too much
  175. UnNews:Cheney:Waive airline body-bag fees for returning mercenaries <-Lead June 24, 2011
  176. UnNews:'Smart Only' debating site sparks outrage by dumping 30 deemed too stupid
  177. UnNews:Angel Jolie visits condemned sinners in Hell
  178. UnNews:Strauss-Kahn claimed to have prophylactic immunity
  179. UnNews:CIA appoints Zawahiri as new token-enemy leader
  180. UnNews:Polish study shows 9 out of 10 males are lesbian
  181. UnNews:CIA adopts ‘pass god & praise the ammo’ policy in Yemen <-Lead June 15, 2011
  182. UnNews:Polish astronaut on mission to prove Bin Laden not dead
  183. UnNews:France faces fines over hamster sexploitation <-Lead June 11, 2011
  184. UnNews:Rangers recount Audie Murphy Medal recipient's moronic act
  185. UnNews:NATO mulls nuking Gaddafi compound
  186. UnNews:Talks focus on spoils of post-Gaddafi Libya
  187. UnNews:Cuban court convicts 6 of honesty
  188. UnNews:Palin: I didn't mean to step on Romney's "thingy" <-Lead June 7-10, 2011
  189. UnNews:Chinese teenager sells penis for iPad
  190. UnNews:U.S. gives foreign aid to countries holding billions in treasury securities
  191. UnNews:Dealers win global war on drugs
  192. UnNews:Blast rocks northern Nigerian city <-Lead June 1, 2011
  193. UnNews:3075 bodies recovered from Polish airlines crash
  194. UnNews:Fifa denies bladder in crisis
  195. UnNews:Scientists take wild guess at nature of Mars
  196. UnNews:Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg eats only what he picks
  197. UnNews:Scores missing after US tornado
  198. UnNews:Seal Team 6 jokes all the rage on Twitter
  199. UnNews:Mississippi governor urges caution as river crests
  200. UnNews:IMF Chief alleges sodomy and extortion by hotel maid
  201. UnNews:Rapture conman hung from jackass tree by disgruntled fucktards
  202. UnNews:Dicks deem dick a dick
  203. UnNews:Pakistan President asks: 'bin who?'
  204. UnNews:Pope John Paul II wins 'Monsignor Universe' beauty contest
  205. UnNews:Prince William and Kate Middleton leave Buckingham Palace in Prince Charles's Morris Mini Cooper S
  206. UnNews:Trump forces Obama to show Earth certificate <-Lead April 28, 2011
  207. Jeff Beck <-FA April 27, 2011
  208. UnNews:McCain held in Libya on visa violation
  209. UnNews:Tampa Bay wide receiver catches Florida toddler
  210. UnNews:Flying robot assassins deployed in Libya
  211. UnNews:Brick, New Jersey SWAT team bored to death
  212. UnNews:Alcatraz reopened for Bradley Manning
  213. UnNews:Michigan teacher arrested for weapons possession
  214. UnNews:Obama Ponzi scheme speech reveals short-term plan
  215. UnNews:Iran accused of ‘foreign meddling’ copyright infringement <-Lead April 16, 2011
  216. UnNews:Mexico discovered in mass graves
  217. UnNews:Scientists speak out on ‘gay caveman’ <-Lead April 13, 2011
  218. UnNews:Scientist finds super-bug in New Delhi water
  219. UnNews:Emergency grips India as god hangs on life support <-Lead April 7, 2011
  220. UnNews:Florida pastor starts WWIII (Collab. with Spike)
  221. UnNews:Rebels have already established new Central Bank of Libya
  222. UnNews:US hands Libyan sky to NATO, takes over on ground
  223. UnNews:Abercrombie criticized for selling push-up briefs to little boys <-Lead March 27-28, 2011
  224. Psychedelic Music <-FA April 14, 2011 (Collab. with Sog)
  225. UnNews:KIA soldier to receive full-body transplant <-Lead March 30, 2011 (Collab. with Spike)
  226. UnNews:France recognizes American rebels
  227. UnNews:Florida judge defends decision to apply Islamic law on Muslims
  228. UnNews:Glenn Beck credits God with earthquake-tsunami <-Lead March 18, 2011
  229. UnNews:Psychedelic icon takes final trip
  230. UnNews:Earthquake weapon test takes heat off Libya (Collaboration with Aleister)
  231. UnNews:Bradley Manning mulls plea-bargain
  232. UnNews:Charlie Sheen swings from rooftop, yells ‘tally-ho!’
  233. UnNews:Britney Spears raves about Jason Trawick’s manhood
  234. UnNews:Pope lauds Rabbi's insistence Catholics did not kill reason
  235. UnNews:Euthanized puppy resurrects, pissed off
  236. UnNews:“Beam me up, Scotty” is possible with lasers, say scientists (Collaboration with Spike)
  237. UnNews:Samuel Jackson rips Oscars on diversity
  238. UnNews:Qaddafi: al-Qaeda should apologize 'while licking my feet'
  239. UnNews:Refugee crisis on Wisconsin's west border
  240. IMF calls for dollar alternative as oil spikes (Gnome-speakernotes.svg listen) (Collaboration with Spike)
  241. UnNews:Peruvians placed at risk at soccer match <-Lead Feb 20, 2011 (Collaboration with Spike)
  242. UnNews:Pirates hijack USS Enterprise
  243. UnNews:Russian Roulette: Computer beats human rivals
  244. UnNews:Clinton picks new U.S. envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan <-Lead Feb 15, 2011
  245. UnNews:Lawyers question legality of asteroid impact
  246. UnNews:Obama creates superstate with US-World merger
  247. UnNews:Illinois driver accused of hit-and-run with tree
  248. UnNews:Saudis warn Uncyclopedia not to parody Mubarak <-Lead Feb 10, 2011
  249. UnNews:Lindsay Lohan charged with dildo theft <-Lead Feb 9, 2011
  250. UnNews:Weird Al Yankovic flubs National Anthem
  251. UnNews:Dr Congo opens centre for rapists
  252. UnNews:Pakistan urged to free boy arrested for blasphemy
  253. UnNews:Mubarak steps up pressure on Egyptian fans
  254. UnNews:Mummies vandalize Cairo museum
  255. UnNews:Wanted at Uncyclopedia: Women <-Lead Jan 29, 2011
  256. UnNews:Uganda gay rights activist David Kato canonized
  257. UnNews:Media consensus: good news is bad news
  258. UnNews:Mississippi resident 'couldn't care less!' <-Lead Jan 22, 2011
  259. UnNews:Illuminati celebrates Facebook success in NWO plan <-Lead Jan 18, 2011
  260. UnNews:China's secret fleet of stealth fighters
  261. UnNews:Tourists in North Korea face new anthem tax (Collaboration with Spike)
  262. UnNews:1,000 birds in mass suicide over Arkansas <-Lead Jan 4, 2011
  263. UnNews:Water causes evacuation of Napalm theme park
  264. UnNews:Cartoon plotter charged in Denmark <-Lead Dec 31, 2010
  265. UnNews:Waterquakes shake South Pacific Ocean
  266. UnNews:Current emissions risk devastating odor rise
  267. UnNews:North Korea to honor invincible Kim Jong Il with 21-nuke salute <-Lead Dec 25, 2010
  268. UnNews:Russia puts off signing START treaty to 2077
  269. UnNews:Atheist North Korea ready for ‘sacred war' with South
  270. UnNews:Pope urges Church to reflect on abuse <-FA
  271. UnNews:Officials warn of holiday attacks; no one cares (Collaboration with Spike)
  272. UnNews:Custer’s last flag bombs on eBay
  273. UnNews:Britain to burn U.S. pastor for Koran plan
  274. UnNews:Doors singer Jim Morrison wins profanity and exposure pardon <-FA Dec. 16, 2010
  275. UnNews:WikiLeaks hacktivists bring Earth to standstill
  276. UnNews:Israel denies involvement in shark attacks
  277. UnNews:Apple unveils iWeapon <-FA
  278. UnNews:Charles Manson caught with electric toothbrush in prison <-Lead Dec 6, 2010
  279. United States of Earth <-FA Nov 15, 2010 (Collaboration with Sog)
  280. Lord Christopher Monckton <-FA October 22, 2010
  281. Alfred E. Neuman <-FA October 21, 2010
  282. Jack Dempsey <-FA October 6, 2010 (Collaboration with Aleister)
  283. Punji Stick <-FA Nov. 19, 2010 (Collaboration with Aleister and Romartus)
  284. Mike Tyson <-FA March. 15, 2011 (Collaboration with Aleister)
  285. Tony Jaa <-FA Nov. 20, 2010 (Collaboration with Black flamingo)
  286. Joe Pesci <-Quasi FA Dec. 15, 2010 / FA March 14, 2011 (Collaboration with Black flamingo)
  287. HowTo:Be absurdly funny and not just a content freak <-Feature May 1, 2010
  288. UnNews:5 rare pink elephants found dead in Indonesia
  289. UnNews:Somali teen busted in Christmas tree plot
  290. UnNews:Wealthy buffoons say: ‘tax us’, poor say, ‘hell, yeah!’
  291. UnNews:Newsweek depiction of Obama as void upsets some Hindus
  292. UnNews:Pakistan leader soon to view death sentence
  293. UnNews:Vatican to issue abuse guidelines
  294. UnNews:Scientists create and capture Antichrist <-Lead Nov. 18, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  295. UnNews:Iran’s crackdown on women (Collaboration with Sog)
  296. UnNews:Burmese democracy leader released from house into yard
  297. UnNews:Invasive airport screening stirs backlash among passengers
  298. UnNews:Ohio teacher expelled for sleeping in class <-Lead Nov. 11, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  299. UnNews:Iran mum on US mystery missile <-Lead Nov. 10, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  300. UnNews:What makes for a Facebook friend?
  301. UnNews:Saudi "ink-pen nuke" blows up (Collaboration with Spike)
  302. UnNews:Pam Anderson's Playboy donation decried by Muslims
  303. UnNews:Hurricane Shary misses Bermuda, deemed laughing stock <-Lead Oct. 30, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  304. UnNews:Obama warns of apocalypse if Republicans win (Collaboration with Spike)
  305. UnNews:Mom killed after interrupting baby's Facebook time
  306. UnNews:Seventeen US nukes get away <-Lead Oct. 27, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  307. UnNews:Karzai admits receiving 'lorries of dollars' from Iran too
  308. UnNews:Surgeon cut off penis by mistake at Bury hospital
  309. Lunar Launch <-Playwrite of the Month Oct. 2010, FA May 28, 2011 (Collaboration with Socky)
  310. States of the USE
  311. UnNews:San Francisco newspaper publishes 'straight list,' calls for boycott of Uganda
  312. UnNews:Osama bin Laden living in Karachi Hilton? <-Lead Oct. 19, 2010
  313. UnNews:Richards: Mick Jagger was ‘sententious’ <-Lead Oct. 17, 2010
  314. UnNews:Rapper ‘talks’ man down from hotel roof
  315. UnNews:Mount Everest gets Internet thumbs down
  316. UnNews:Pope still Catholic, but bear does not shit in woods <-Lead Oct. 11, 2010 (Collaboration with Spike)
  317. UnNews:New York GOP gubernatorial candidate condemns gays
  318. UnNews:Two gay boys target street gang in lascivious attack
  319. UnNews:French Islam ban passes last legal hurdle
  320. UnNews:Meat made O'Donnell avoid being Hare Krishna
  321. UnNews:Purple lucky rabbit’s feet to bring 'great events,' Chinese fortune-teller predicts
  322. UnNews:US Herpes tests in Guatemala 'crime against Guatemala'
  323. HowTo:Tell another bar joke <-Feature October 9, 2010
  324. UnNews:Woman turns in former husband for 1993 slaying
  325. UnNews:Mexican mayor stoned to death in drug overdose
  326. UnNews:Pentagon destroys copies of officer's exposé
  327. UnNews:Photographs expose athletes' village shambles in Delhi <-Lead Sept 23, 2010
  328. UnNews:Debate continues on 'Frankenstein' salmon
  329. UnNews:Mexico paper seeks cartel advice on police scourge
  330. UnNews:Urgent call on UN to stop 'alien invasion' <-Lead Sept. 19, 2010
  331. UnNews:Castro calls Sarkozy a 'coño’, questions control by wife
  332. Tantra <-FA (Collaboration with Aleister)
  333. General William Westmoreland <-FA (Collaboration with Sog)
  334. UnBooks:Keith Richards <-FA (Collaboration with Romartus)
  335. UnNews:Taliban drone attack kills eight NATO troops
  336. HowTo:Pimp a ho <-Feature Sept. 18, 2010
  337. UnNews:World holds-breath for unveiling of NKorean heir
  338. UnNews:Florida Pastor extorts 'ground zero' imam
  339. UnNews:God vs. godly?
  340. UnNews:Lifer gets 6 months for assaulting guard
  341. UnNews:NASA to send manned probe into Sun at night
  342. UnNews:Avatar director vows to aid Na'vi tribe
  343. UnNews:Berlin vegetarian restaurant revealed as hoax by cannibals
  344. UnNews:Cali Cartel develops robotic 'mule' to smuggle drugs
  345. UnNews:Iran threatens to strike Israel nuke site <-Lead Sept 4, 2010
  346. UnNews:60-books-a-month toddler kicks reading habit <-Lead Sept 4, 2010
  347. UnNews:Stephen Hawking created Universe?
  348. UnNews:Afghanistan: Why are the Taliban winning? <-Lead Sept 2, 2010
  349. UnNews:Tony Blair book describes Gordon Brown as 'laborious'
  350. UnNews:Cannabis may relieve chronic sobriety
  351. UnNews:Himalayan glaciers melting deadline 'a stupid mistake' <-Lead Aug 31, 2010
  352. UnNews:Rabbi calls for 'laughing fit' on Mahmoud Abbas
  353. UnNews:Paris Hilton caught with Francium
  354. UnNews:Religious activists complain over nudity in porn films
  355. UnNews:Kim Jong II visits China – so friggin' what? <-Lead Aug 27, 2010
  356. UnNews:Death ‘ray gun’ to be tested in Los Angeles jail
  357. UnNews:Thailand defends ‘Lord of War’ court decision
  358. UnNews:AP: It's 'Ground Zero Mosque,' people
  359. UnNews:Saudi Arabia urged not to lobotomize man as retribution punishment
  360. UnNews:1 in 5 Americans thinks Obama is Christian? <-Lead Aug 20, 2010
  361. UnNews:Seven Dwarfs accused of £4,369,083 iTunes scam
  362. UnNews:Facebook introduces stalking feature <-Lead Aug 19, 2010
  363. PNG quake tourism booming
  364. UnBooks:Jeff Beck Illustrated
  365. UnNews:Zsa Zsa Gabor calls in priest for final exorcism <-Lead August 17, 2010
  366. UnNews:Obama favors Ground Zero mosque
  367. UnNews:Big Ben dwarfed by Big Bin <-Lead August 11-12, 2010
  368. UnNews:US dollar to go on paper-standard? <-Lead August 10, 2010
  369. UnNews:Abandon Earth - Stephen Hawking warns
  370. UnNews:Greenland breaks off ice, drifts south
  371. UnNews:Has Tiger Woods lost his mojo?
  372. Padmé <-FA July 10, 2011
  373. UnNews:Saudis announce Blackberry ban
  374. UnNews:Mullen outlines U.S. Iran attack plans <-Lead August 2, 2010
  375. UnNews:Germany mourns Love Festival victims, while Hate Festival boasts no injuries
  376. UnNews:Mars site may hold 'buried life' <-Lead July 30, 2010
  377. Fatima asks UnWikiAnswers
  378. HowTo:Payola <-Feature August 15, 2010
  379. UnNews:Putin sings with Expelled Agents <-Lead July 26, 2010
  380. UnNews:Sinkhole swallows flooded Milwaukee
  381. UnNews:India unveils prototype of $3 iPad <-Lead July 24, 2010
  382. UnNews:Al Qaeda audio says post-dated victory assured
  383. UnNews:CIA lifts lid on alleged UnCycloLeaks <-Lead July 23, 2010
  384. HowTo:Dig The Yardbirds <-Feature July 24, 2010
  385. UnNews:Paris Hilton is French Connection?
  386. UnNews:Giant sinkhole in Orion swallows cosmos
  387. UnNews:Vatican unveils new rule to stop abuse: just say no!
  388. UnNews:Vanished Iranian scientist reappears in Washington
  389. UnNews:Swiss free Polanski after US refuse to extradite rapist <-Lead July 13, 2010
  390. HowTo:Fear Blue-ringed octopus <-Feature July 17, 2010
  391. UnNews:Looning 'can slow ageing process'
  392. UnNews:Soccer fans shun art for hookers
  393. UnNews:'Star Wars' creator sues lightsaber manufacturer in China
  394. UnNews:Secret Soma formula revealed by Leary estate
  395. UnNews:Thailand extends emergency law for 30 years
  396. UnNews:Obama: One more year in Afghanistan, then bust
  397. UnNews:Moby Dick fossil found in Peruvian desert
  398. UnNews:Google implements gays-only employment policy
  399. UnNews:There will be war in Iran?
  400. UnNews:Taliban offensive drives NATO, U.S. attorney general to Tora Bora <-Lead June 30, 2010
  401. UnNews:Death guilty of manslaughter in Australia
  402. UnNews:Michael Jackson's father files wrongful death
  403. UnNews:Biden calls brothel mistress a 'smartass' after prostitution comment <-Lead June 28, 2010
  404. UnNews:'Overwhelming high' leads to world-record drug bust
  405. UnNews:Michael Jackson: one year later <-Lead June 26, 2010
  406. UnNews:Triple X domain wins approval
  407. UnNews:Unstable man arrested with weapons near K-2 summit
  408. UnNews:Gillard is Australia's first shemale PM
  409. UnNews:Lil' Wayne arrested on drug charge – statement goes platinum
  410. UnNews:77 million 'poisoned' in Bangladesh <-Lead June 21, 2010
  411. UnNews:Red Shirts blast Thai PM for trying to make good image <-Lead June 20, 2010
  412. UnNews:Egyptian minister: Obama told me he is a Muhammadan <-Lead June 19, 2010
  413. UnNews:Convicted killer Ronnie Gardner executed with bazooka
  414. UnNews:Mom: R.I. school bans 8-year-old son's patriotic hat with army figures
  415. UnNews:BP admits drilling breached Hades, hell to pay
  416. UnNews:Sperm whale poop fights climate change
  417. UnNews:Ugandan poofs charged with having sex on church altar
  418. UnNews:U.S. discovers $1 googol in Afghan gold <-Lead June 14, 2010
  419. UnNews:Military spectacle mocks Queen Elizabeth's birthday <-Lead June 12, 2010
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  424. UnNews:Child photographed smoking huge joint at Phillies game
  425. UnNews:Iran's Ahmadinejad slams devil
  426. UnNews:Gulf spill 7th sign of Hopi prophecy?
  427. UnNews:Student sentenced for filming porn with school teacher <-Lead June 7, 2010
  428. UnNews:Mexican drug cartel reportedly plotted to blow up Texas <-Lead June 6, 2010
  429. UnNews:Israeli ‘Nerf war’ causes international outcry <-Lead June 5, 2010
  430. UnNews:Thailand entices tourists back after mayhem <-Lead June 3, 2010
  431. UnNews:Fluffer allegedly kills 1, hurts 2 with steel dildo <-Lead June 3, 2010
  432. UnNews:Gulf oil spill scientists warn of Black Lagoon
  433. UnNews:Famous Mexican prison warden abducted, remembered
  434. UnNews:Kindergarten knife attackers executed in China
  435. HowTo:Start a computer
  436. UnNews:Philippe Cousteau discovers horrors of under water oil spill
  437. UnNews:Charles Manson denied parole for 382nd time, gives interview
  438. UnNews:Camel Porn smut film too raunchy for Mecca <-Lead May 26, 2010
  439. HowTo:Disperse an angry mob of protesters <-Feature May 29, 2010
  440. UnNews:Mutant species discovered amid warnings of Godzilla threat <-Lead May 23, 2010
  441. UnNews:Thailand shows weapons confiscated from unarmed protesters
  442. UnNews:BP concedes Gulf oil spill raised sea level 12 feet
  443. UnNews:Facebook blocks Pakistan over 'satirical content'
  444. UnNews:Malawi poofs jailed for being poofs
  445. UnNews:Iran to resume enrichment
  446. UnNews:Two different ‘If I Did It’ books released same day
  447. UnNews:Mercenaries release Somali pirates after ransom returned
  448. UnNews:Playboy to publish inflatable centerfold <-Lead May 12, 2010
  449. UnNews:D.C. Council approves party weed
  450. UnNews:Drone Wars: “If it breathes, kill it!” <-Lead May 9, 2010
  451. UnNews:World leaders rush to contain Greek contagion
  452. UnNews:Massive strike paralyzes Greece <-Lead May 5, 2010
  453. UnNews:U.S. reveals it has lost count of nuclear warheads, introduces “Continental Bomb” <-Lead May 4, 2010
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  483. UnNews:Anti-protest protestors pressure protestors to surrender over protest
  484. UnNews:American owners to sell Liverpool
  485. UnNews:Astronauts cry as Obama cans NASA flimflam
  486. UnNews:Vatican forgiven by Beatles
  487. UnNews:Poland shocked as president’s coffin arrives in New Zealand
  488. UnNews:Astro-plumbers replace septic tank on space station
  489. UnNews:Twins conjoined in 14-hour op
  490. UnNews:Free Colombian ‘devil's nipple’ costs users
  491. UnNews:Tiger didn't rape anybody
  492. UnNews:Queen dissolves lump of sugar as PM calls for election
  493. UnNews:Miami Vice inspired ‘Mecca Vice’ steals Saudi TV top spot
  494. UnNews:Court opens in British teen's murder in India
  495. UnNews:Senegal unveils colossal gold statue amid outcry
  496. UnNews:Ancient Uncyclopedia discovered in India
  497. UnNews:Erykah Badu faces death for nude walk in Mecca
  498. UnNews:Apple unveils millions of apps for iApp device
  499. UnNews:Condemned sorcerer pleads for Saudi mercy
  500. UnNews:Sacrificial-virgin-in-volcano ritual decried in India
  501. UnNews:Shake Worm is a tattletale for impending quakes
  502. UnNews:Fuk-tart militia accused in plot to kill Satan
  503. UnNews:“Pineapple” Noriega's great-grandson pleads drugs, cash
  504. UnNews:Rocket-boat to circle globe in 80 minutes
  505. UnNews:Predatory choirboys abuse priest
  506. UnNews:Pentagon to gays: “come and get it!”
  507. UnNews:Fort Knox robbed, nothing to steal
  508. UnNews:Sumatran tiger saves man
  509. UnNews:Obama arrives in Afghanistan, braves RPG, sniper fire (LIVE)
  510. UnNews:Kundra calls for Uncyclopedia of political tomfoolery
  511. UnNews:Volcano erupts under Icelandic igloo
  512. UnNews:Ahmadinejad visits Auschwitz, denies hell cost
  513. UnNews:Mambo Zulu again tops Forbes poor list
  514. UnNews:Mamboo Zulu tops Forbes list of world’s poorest people
  515. UnNews:Rigged Oscars defused by ex-wife
  516. UnNews:India unveils giant air freshener to scrub atmosphere
  517. UnNews:Niagara Falls loses job
  518. UnNews:A-bombs dropped on Japan awarded Nobel Peace Prize
  519. UnNews:Ebola suicide sneezer arrested in West Bank
  520. UnNews:Old Faithful quits
  521. UnNews:Eminem edges out 50 Cent as Forbes richest
  522. UnNews:Singapore refuses visa to Dalai Lama's nephew
  523. UnNews:Hobo receives $90 million tax refund
  524. UnNews:Blanks: cheap alternative or ulterior motive
  525. UnNews:Vietnam copies Veterans Memorial with 300-kilometer wall
  526. UnNews:Reporter permitted one corny story
  527. UnNews:Suicidal surfer sues sea
  528. UnNews:Atheists decry SOS
  529. UnNews:Death sues life
  530. UnNews:Mike Tyson KO’ed by midriff bulge
  531. UnNews:Suicide bomber commits suicide
  532. UnNews:Lord Monckton denies denying denial
  533. UnNews:Soma claims actor Corey Haim
  534. Iran demands heavier sanctions
  535. UnNews:Jack Bauer arrests screenwriters
  536. UnNews:NATO forces seize 38 tons of BB gun ammo
  537. UnNews:Sock puppet sues Uncyclopedia cites failure
  538. UnNews:FED Sues Uncyclopedia, Demands NWO Evidence Removed
  539. UnNews:Afghanistan: Large Blast Rocks Naught?
  540. UnNews: Military Consensus: No News is Good News
  541. UnNews:'Zombies' have free speech rights too, US court rules
  542. UnNews: Massive Earthquake, Giant Sink Hole Swallows Chile
  543. UnNews:The Kick of Assassination
  544. UnNews:Yardbirds regroup with reborn singer
  545. UnNews:Afghanistan: NATO Air Strike Kills 190,000 Civilians
  546. UnNews:Psychopath Sues Self, Loses
  547. UnNews:Sun, 2.5 Billion Plaintiffs, Sue Gore
  548. UnNews:Person Determines Own Importance
  549. UnNews:UnRock Awarded Most unFamous Band on Earth
  550. UnNews:New York Evicted from Ground 0
  551. UnNews:Belligerent Bird Taser Hits its Target
  552. UnNews:Lord Monckton Exposes Global Warming


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