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Foolitzer Prize

This award recognizes the best writer of UnNews articles each month. Winner becomes a Knight Commander (KUN).

Nominees must:

  • Be registered members.
  • Not nominate themselves. You can vote for yourself, but you can't nominate yourself.
  • Have written at least three "full" UnNews articles.

Remember to add {{VoteFPrize}} to their user page. How else can they keep up with the news?

Winners must pass a minimal vote of +5 votes in favor in order to be declared a winner. (This rule holds for all votes Uncyclopedia-wide).

Current nominations[edit source]

Leverage (talk) – contribs (newdel)edit-countblock (remlist)all logsgroupscheckuser[edit source]

Score: 3
  1. Symbol for vote.svg N+F - I was, let's face it, entirely absent from UnNews last month, and Leverage kept it running smoothly. At this point, he's the co-News Tzar by default. -- Kip the Egg Easter egg.gif Talk Easter egg.gif Works Easter egg.gif 09:44, Feb. 8, 2014
  2. Leverage has finally earned this award, although he still hasn't done enough to really get it more than twenty times. Maybe if he works harder, and does the sports pages too. Aleister 15:32 8=2-14
  3. PurpleDickVote.svg Boner. -RAHB 07:09, 9 February 2014 (UTC)
See here for full details until 2012. See below for Past Winners since 2013.

Past Winners[edit source]

Wild WeaselComposure1 (2) • Hawthorn PeeblesOliproCScottMordilloAyatollah GurkhmeiniArmandoTshellProcopiusDanny HimselfDavid GerardPF4Eva (2) • BraydieElectrified mocha chinchillaModusoperandiHrodulfPottsmThe ThinkerWeebils (2) • The UnIdiotTHETheLedBalloonPrettiestprettyThekillerfroggySonic80CajekMrmonkey72HyperboleB0nafideforgothispasswordDogsheadRabbiTechno (2) • Cap'n BenNot A Good Username360GerrycheeversRAHBImNotASunbeamClemens177AcroloAn Ape that Only Exists on Thursdays (2) • Zim ulator (2) • SmugglerGlobalTourniquetSPIKE (3) • Funnybony (5) • RomartusFishalishalishUsername18Kip the Dip (2) • TheHumbucker (2) • Black flamingo11Aleister (2) • ChiefjusticeDSBizzeebeeverMatt lobsterLeoispotterUncle JMattsnowTritefantasticGleepPuppyOnTheRadioLeverage (2) • Bill MelaterMultiliteralist