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I'm not here anymore. I guess I'll sort of explain because, after being here so long, it kind of feels like an obligation.

What I got from Uncyc on a day-to-day basis was the community, since I didn't feel like much of a writer every day. But that began to shrink and just be full of people who either couldn't take jokes or straight-up didn't want jokes. Now that we've left Wikia, it's been better, but not enough to keep me around. Especially since no one is writing. Even when we had active politics and drama and stuff, everyone else still wrote and shared and enjoyed each other's work. Now, only two people at most still do that, and both of them hate each other's guts and are either too immature[1] or far too "mature" for this place.[2]

I would write, except I don't want to. Or need to. I wrote literally over 100 articles for this place, and doing so has taken me from being a shitty little nothing high school writer into something that I can kind of have confidence in. I know how to tell a joke. I know how to tell several kinds of jokes. Personally, I contributed my part, and now I've moved onto writing other stuff for other places. It happens every once in a while that I'll get an idea and be all like "Oh that could ONLY be done on Uncyclopedia" but those times have gotten more infrequent and such, so whatever.

Putting those things together, without an active writing community and without much drive to write here anymore at all, I've run out of reasons to stick around. I know this will be fine for the site, because I haven't been adding much of value in the recent months, so it'll def carry on without me. And if you do get great again, aw shucks, that's just fantastic. But I've done all that I want to do here.

So thanks I guess.

If you need me, talk to Zombiebaron.


Uncyclopedia, and myself as a writer, would not exist if not for MadMax, Zombiebaron, The THINKER, Ljlego, So So, Mhaille, The Woodburninator[3], Dr. Skullthumper, TheLedBalloon, Cajek, Procopius, Mordillo, One Eyed Jack, Heerenveeren, Hyperbole, Bonner, THEDUDEMAN, and Modusoperandi. Pay them motherfucking dues and then go write an article.

Also respect to Frosty, Xamralco, Bizzeebeever, and Lyrithya on every third day for leading the new guard almost all by yourselves. Leverage, write more, because you can and you're new and good. Humbucker, we hardly knew ye.

80% of what I contributed to this site was drama so I'm finally goin' out on a dramatic, inflated, circlejerking message. HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING IT YALLS.

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Pointless Goodbye Speech References Corner

  1. Peasewhizz, sorry man, you've got the energy and passion but you've got a long way to go to develop your talent and rein in your hyperactive aspects. You do remind me of myself from 2006, which is to say you've got a little bit of something goin on here but it needs to be toned down a LOT. Writing-wise, you need an editor. You would benefit the most from pee review coming back. Which gives me an idea: how about instead of Pee Review, we just have writing partners or something? I dunno. But back to the point: focus less on all of the bullshit "community" stuff, stop nominating your own articles, and go back and edit all of your older things. Become embarrassed by what you wrote 3 months ago, I still do with my own articles. Read them out loud. Get better before you get bigger.
  2. I still maintain that SPIKE destroyed the comedic sensibility and cameraderie of this place while somehow convincing the old site that he wasn't an arrogant ball of hot air. But I've already wasted enough of my life on that guy.