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“He was the only player I knew who could trap the ball further than I could kick it.”

~ Matt Le-Tissier on Carlton Palmer

UnNews[edit | edit source]

*UnNews:Banks give up defense of burgling customer's houses‎ F

*UnNews:WikiLeaks reveals I was an accident F

*UnNews:Chance meeting between acquaintances causes awkward moment F

*UnNews:Things that have been done to Christians but would never be done to Muslims show sharp year on year increase F

*UnNews:Man who claimed to have found God arrested for wasting police time F

*UnNews:Rain falls on United Kingdom F

Dunked[edit | edit source]

*Lionel Richie Ceiling Dance Conspiracy Theory F

*Creationist Views on Australia F

*British Sitcoms F

  • F9 - Don't know why I did this.
  • Football Focus - Ehhh Seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a funny time.

In the factory[edit | edit source]