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Truthers believe the message 'Bush Gilty' is clearly visible in the smoke. Truther Dyan Avery attributes the misspelling of the word 'guilty' to the lack of formal education opportunities for smoke.

The 9/11 Truth movement is a group of disparate people who believe the Wikipedia article 'September 11 attacks' is inaccurate account edited predominantly by George Bush's Government.


The movement started life in 2003 when a student named Dyan Avery made an edit to the article in which he claimed that the passenger revolt on Flight 93 story was a cover-up and that in actual fact the plane had been shot out of the sky by Dick Cheney in a duck hunting accident. The edit was quickly reverted with an edit summary of "Does not cite references" by an editor named Gayle Curns (Whose initials are similar to those of George Bush).


This new collection of groups that doubted the official story decided to change the official umbrella name of their group from "Conspiracy Theory Nutjobs" to "9/11 Truth movement". Prominent enthusiast Carol Brueillet commented, "We wanted to dispel any thought that the theories we expose are hastily concocted bull-shit, so we decided to be known as 'Truthers' which is Latin for 'Those who tell the truth. The simple truth is that a 200m high building hit by a jumbo jet has never fallen in that exact way before. The whole thing is clearly against science.'"

Americanised Spelling[edit]

On February 8th 2004 as a sign of government intervention and censorship of the factual facts, a user named 'Sponge' (anagram of Bush's dog) changed the word 'analyse' to 'analyze'. User 'Truth01' got into a revert war with Sponge until an administrator named 'CondensationE31' (Anagram of 'Controlled Explosives31' [Doubling the number 31 and then adding 4 gives you 66, which if you then append another '6' becomes '666') banned Truth 01 for 1 hour with the edit summary 'Stop that!'. Sponge never edited Wikipedia again. Truthers believe the hour ban was long enough for George Bush Senior to visit User Sponge's house and kill him with a bullet (most likely fired from a gun).

Controlled Explosives[edit]

Truthers have frequently put references to 'controlled explosives' in the Wikipedia article. They contend government agents posing as Visual C++ programmers smuggled Semtex within their disorganised beards.

World Trade Building 7[edit]

Known as the "Scrappy-Doo" of the Truth Movement, World Trade Center Building 7 was supposed to revive the flagging interest in the 9/11 conspiracy theories. Public reaction was predominantly negative, with many complaining that the unimpressive height and stature of Building 7, meant it lacked the impact and sex-appeal of the more impressive Twin Towers.