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21 October 2010

Toyota's crashing into festival music stages testing took longer than expected thus steering analysis was curtailed

AICHI, Japan -- Toyota has recalled more than 1.5 million cars worldwide over steering direction defects. It was found that certain Avalon, Highlander and Lexus models were unable to turn left.

The Japanese firm stressed that the issue would not be a problem for most drivers. ”Only those who wish to turn left or avoid pedestrians will be affected,” the press release stated.

Toyota said the fault had been tracked down to a problem with the steering wheel which, in a cost-cutting measure, was only designed to be operated in a clockwise manner. Testing at the time did not pick up the preclusion of steering with a "non-right predication."

Despite assurances that the defect would not affect the everyday use of the cars, many Toyota owners have been left angry by the company’s latest admission. Clare Springston from Battle Creek, Michigan echoed many people’s feelings: ”I’m not necessarily someone who would ever steer to the left in my everyday life; but I paid a lot for this car and it’s always just so marvellous to have the option there.”

Toyota has now issued 14 recalls in 2010.

The carmaker was harshly criticized for not acting sooner earlier in the year over accelerator pedal recalls earlier this year, and was shot at by US authorities.

Toyota was also forced in June to recall some models of the Yaris, after finding they would, in certain circumstances, display the word "wanker" on the digital odometer readout.

”This would happen very rarely, and if it did occur, it would only cause minor offense," Toyota assured its customers at the time.