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29 October 2012

Whatever the hell is going on here has been suspended until the storm passes

NEW YORK, NY -- Enthusiasts of YouTube videos showing objects reacting to wind are confident that the oncoming storm will bring with it a plethora of videos taken from bedroom windows and apartment balconies narrated with the words "Oh my God!"

Georgle Leicester, who lives in Brooklyn, is chairman of her branch of the "People Unable to Walk Forward Due to the Strength of the Oncoming Wind Appreciation Society" expects plenty of new footage for her and her three-member-strong society to enjoy.

"It's a real change for New Yorkers to be filmed losing their hats and cuddling lamp posts. We really want to stick it to Florida," she commented.

With the storm comes major competition between TV networks to see who can position a news reporter in the most inappropriate position.

CNN is promising to wrap Tom Foreman in large metal chains and place him in the New York Harbour sea equipped only with a giant golf umbrella to do his pieces to camera, while Dan Kloeffler of ABC will be on 41st street giving live weather updates while specially invited members of the public role live grenades towards him. Fox News has promised three people on some sofas complaining about gays.

Final campaigning for the U.S. election has been affected, with people unable to hear the candidates over the noise created by the strong wind.