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340,000+ I have contributed 340,000+ pints points to the Uncyclopedia Folding@home team.
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Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user likes to use redundant userboxes.
Crystal Clear app kcmdf.png This user likes to use redundant userboxes.
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Nuvola apps bookcase.png Important Things
  • Requested articles and wanted pages.
  • Folding@home - Folding@home is a program anyone can install on their computer or their friend's computer. It simulates protein folding which researchers at Stanford University use to understand how diseases such as Parkinson's and cancer form. Uncyclopedia has a great team that all should join.
  • Protection Request - If you need a page protected or unprotected you can post your request on this page.
  • What You Can Do - Like editing and getting a job.
  • Uncyclopedia URL shortener - Uncyclopedia has its own URL shortener. (Note: it's not the size of the URL, it's the quality of the content.)
  • Pee Review - Get your article critiqued by other users or give your unrestrained critique of another user's article.
  • The UnSignpost - The Uncyclopedia newsletter. More irregular than my bowel movements.
  • Report a Problem - Report problems with the site. Marital and mental problems can be reported here.
  • Foreign Office - Multilingual coordination between the Uncyclopedias, keeping the Polish in Czech.
  • Donate to Uncyclopedia - This wiki is made possible thanks to contributions from readers like you.