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This Uncyclopedia page is currently inactive and is retained as a historical archive.

Either the page is no longer relevant or has been kept for historical purposes. If you wish to revive discussion regarding the subject, you should seek broader input via the Village Dump.

Please make protection requests at User talk:Cassie/protection requests until further notice.
What this page previously said

As a cathedral of humor and a sanctuary for free thought, Uncyclopedia receives hundreds of edits every day by users from all walks of life, just like you. Unfortunately, this does not always end well, resulting in countless changes being made to pages that are just disruptive. Here, you can request a page to be Wikipedia:Protection policy:protected or semi-protected so the problem of constant vandalism may be ended. Likewise, you may also request a page to be un-protected here.


  • Create a new header for each submission ( ==[[Title of Page]]== ) with a link to the article in question and a reason for the request.
  • Specify whether full or semi-protection is neccesary (or if you desire un-protection). If you don't understand the difference, hit yourself over the head with a blunt object read the following: Wikipedia:Protection policy
  • As always, sign your entries with 4 tildes (--~~~~)
  • Admins: please add a notice to this page once an article has been (un-)protected. Then you can get back to your miserable lives.
  • This is NOT a voting page. If you are against the protection or semi-protection of a certain article, either submit your reason under that page's heading, request un-protection, or leave a message on the admin's Talk Page.
  • Don't submit a page unless it desperately needs protection.


Older Protection Requests: