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As Abraham Lincoln once said, "Ask not what your Uncyclopedia can do for you, ask what you can do for your Uncyclopedia. Ich bin ein Berliner. ("I'm a jelly donut.")

As a wastebasket, Uncyclopedia relies on the idiocy of its contributors and their passion for menial slave labor which is designed to be done by monkeys. Fortunately, you came along and saved us the trouble of renting those monkeys.



  • Rewrite an article There are many articles needing a loving home. You can save them! Just browse through this list and if a title catches your eye, rewrite it so hard it won't know what hit it.
  • Steal Borrow an idea Sometimes people have an idea but don't create anything. Try searching for an idea in our list of requested articles. Will you be the one to rise up to the challenge of creating a picture or UnNews article from someone else's idea?
  • Finish an article Pick up where someone left off and finish an article. You can find unfinished articles here and here.
  • Expand short pages Add more content to short articles, which are found here and here.


  • Vote The community votes for which articles and pictures are featured on the front page. Help us decide at VFH and VFP. You can also vote for many awards, such as Writer of the Month and Noob of the Moment.
  • Review articles Are you more of a critic than a writer? You can help others by giving constructive criticism on their article in our Pee Review project.
  • Improve an article Add content or good formatting to any articles needing help, new articles, or new articles needing help to stop them from becoming deleted articles.
  • Award someone Here's a list of awards that you can either give to someone or nominate them for.
  • Adopt Help a new user in the Adopt a Noob project.
  • Chat Hang out with like-minded Uncyclopedians in our chatroom.
  • Participate in forums Maybe someone is talking bad about your mother in our forums. You won't know unless you check.

But wait! There's more!

  • Promote Share Uncyclopedia with friends and family, brag about us on social media, or write our URL on a bathroom wall.
  • Donate This website is not for-profit and is primarily funded by contributions from readers like you. Please donate. Think of the children.
  • Save lives Join our Folding@home team. The world will thank you.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily The only way to prevent plaque build-up and dental cavities.

Differences between articles and what you can do

Cleanup Fix Stub ICU
Bad formatting Bad execution Needs to be expanded New, lots of work required
Sectionalize, order Take out crap, make coherent Finish it! Flesh out concept and add images
Good idea, good material, bad execution Good idea, OK material, bad execution Good idea, has potential, but needs more Some idea, little material, execution needs work
Super Easy Easy Medium Hard