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Foolitzer Prize Award Foolitzer Prize Winner July 2007

This Is Pottsm![edit]

People say Pottsm bares a striking resemblence to Morgan Freeman

Pottsm, top unnews correspondant since 1923, was born in 1972 and was initially thought by nuns to be the antichrist until it was pointed out that the birth mark on his head was 667 and NOT 666. Despite this just after Pottsm's 17th birtday a group of dyslexic Irish ninja monks attempted to assassinate him"just to be sure".

Luckily, he escaped from the monks and fled to Unnews in 1956 where he broke his first story about a Zombie eating a man which almost triggered World War 2 again! Other notable stories included the infamous time that the entire Uncyclopedia site was bought down, causing worldwide panic and destruction. He is also not adverse to controversy, not least in bringing the wrath of the entire Indian nation after he broke the story that their men were a little too well endowed for their own good.

Recently Pottsm recieved a coveted "Foolitzer" award of which he had this to say:

Pottsm's has few regrets but one is that he didn't choose a more humourous, adventurous (and dare he say descriptive) username, "I think BigFlopDongWang would have sufficed", he said Whimsically during a drunken brawl in 1978.