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You can talk with me here; you may email me here

The Right and Left Honourable Reverend Major Sir Zim_ulator
In a previous incarnation, Reverend Zim_ulator was the original revolutionary archetype. This image is the original which Che Guevarra appropriated for purposes of his own self-aggrandizement.
Grand Cross of the Order
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Reverend Zim_ulator

This user denies any involvement with the cabal. There is no cabal.
This user has no featured articles. They are a failure. Feel free to point and laugh.
Cthulhu loves this user.
I kan helps you with Algabra.
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I am thinking about UnHoroscopes and this template designed for Stocks


My UnToons

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Get Religion!


Stuff I've started or am working on
Reverend Zim_ulator using the UnCanninator to commune with the dead.

Current questions with Stripgenerator users about licensing

Can I still make money from a work I make available under a Creative Commons licenses?

Absolutely. Firstly, because our licenses are non-exclusive which means you are not tied down to only make a piece of your content available under a Creative Commons license; you can also enter into other revenue-generating licenses in relation to your work. One of our central goals is to encourage people to experiment with new ways to promote and market their work.

Secondly, the noncommercial license option is an inventive tool designed to allow people to maximize the distribution of their works while keeping control of the commercial aspects of their copyright. To make one thing clear that is sometimes misunderstood: the "noncommercial use" condition applies only to others who use your work, not to you (the licensor). So if you choose to license your work under a Creative Commons license that includes the “noncommercial use” option, you impose the ”noncommercial” condition on the users (licensees). However, you, the creator of the work and/or licensor, may at any time decide to use it commercially. People who want to copy or adapt your work, "primarily for monetary compensation or financial gain" must get your separate permission first.

One thing to note on the noncommercial provision: under current U.S. law, file-sharing or the trading of works online is considered a commercial use -- even if no money changes hands. Because we believe that file-sharing, used properly, is a powerful tool for distribution and education, all Creative Commons licenses contain a special exception for file-sharing. The trading of works online is not a commercial use, under our documents, provided it is not done for monetary gain.