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United Kingdom
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In the beginning

God created the sun and I was not a part of it. However I am a part of the Half Yard Club, which is like the Mile High Club for those who are afraid of extreme heights, and I have a badge for it which I collected at Cap'n Jaspers. Shortly after receiving this award I decided it would be best to set further goals for myself and joined University and enrolled on a Drama course. Fortunately for me, I joined at the right time and spent the first three months of the course learning how to breath, without these lessons I'm sure I wouldn't be here today; 98% of the class passed this module, with only 2% failing it. I am now at the end of my first year and apart from breathing I am also able to successfully recreate a Birch Tree on stage, next year I will be branching out to other types of tree. I take offense to the idea that all people who take Drama are gay, the fact that I have quite a liberal approach to my own sexuality means I rarely win this argument.
Originally I found this site on the internet over two years ago, I'm unsure how it made its way onto my laptop, however I'm not arguing. I like this site, I like it a lot. The fact that I'm able to contribute in some way, makes me feel very special. I like writing for the UnNews section the most; all of my articles are awful but people have informed me they go less blind if they read the more recent ones. Although I'm British, I don't consider myself to be British, so please don't be afraid to talk to me although I am very afraid to talk to you.

Outside of Uncyclopedia

I don't really have a life since it's the summer holidays now. However, I do do other things apart from Uncyc and you can join me!

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  3. See my various writings on Deviantart
  4. Watch my sporadic and spontaneous vlogs on Youtube
  5. Read my blog

Or not. Suggest other internet stuff to me that I could do.

This user has written 35 articles because they like to keep busy while shirking real life responsibilities.
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