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t was nearly 7 years ago that I was made an admin, which itself was 7 years after I had joined the site. If Uncyclopedia were a job, it'd be the easiest job in the world. All you have to do is wank around to move upwards.

Today, I've been made a bureaucrat of Uncyclopedia. It was a position I never asked for, don't really believe I deserve, and frankly I don't quite know what a bureaucrat actually does. I'm told crats really doesn't do much of anything, so perhaps I was a prime candidate after all.
To quote myself:

It only feels natural that I follow that up by half-assing it even more. Here's a special thank you to everyone who voted me into bureaucrat:

RAHB, Y, CandidToaster, Kakun, Kev, Zombiebaron, RealLifeCartman, MrX, Cat the Colourful, Hyetts, Shabidoo, Risviltsov, Supergeeky1, nagol929, Frosty, Walbro, TheHappySpaceman, PF4Eva, Sourav Halder, and last to the party but certainly not least, Lost Labyrinth.

So this is it. Top of the ladder. There's no rank higher than this. Except for maybe being the person who actually owns the server...which is Lyrithya. Looks like I know what to spend the next 7 years plotting...

Blood Spatter.jpg