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May 13, 2019 18:39 UTC

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In one month, Snooki has become the single most effective form of birth control legally available.

Population of men who identify as gay up nearly 200% in month following leak of Snooki nudes

MARLBORO, New York -- Pregnant Jersey Shore star, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, has once again grabbed headlines in the last month, becoming the most recent pop culture star to have intimate photographs leaked from their cellphone. In the month since their release, the LGBT community has announced a massive increase in new membership among recently out of the closet males, many of whom had never exhibited homosexual tendencies prior to viewing the photos.
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An early problem faced by the producers was portraying the actors as ridiculous two-dimensional comic book characters. They finally achieved success just in time for the 'Spider-Man' closing night.

'Spider-Man' Broadway show opens without a hitch; closes while on top

NEW YORK, New York -- The brand new, mixed-review Broadway show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark finally opened today after a series of performance related injuries, technical errors, and a general inability to complete the two-act musical in under four and a half hours delayed its original release date by several months. The cast and crew were pleased to say that the show "opened without a hitch," which was new for them. The opening night of the $65 million show went so well, according to director Julie Taymor, that "tonight's show marks the closing of Turn off the Dark."
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