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Welcome to the 15st Edition of our beloved and prestigious Poo Lit Surprise. Watch your step.
Consult the talk page or Cassie for any questions or concerns. See the Poo Lit Archives for the results from past competitions.

The competition[edit source]

What is the Poo Lit Surprise?[edit source]

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png

A writing competition held on Uncyclopedia for fame, glory, and prestige. It is designed to jump-start writing quality at Uncyclopedia. After the previous (insert number here) competitions, a significant number of featured articles for the following month(s) were from the PLS, and it could be argued that the overall quality of featured articles increased.

Who can enter and what are the rules?[edit source]

All registered members of Uncyclopedia are encouraged to enter, though a few conditions and limitations apply. If a User makes an entry, they are barred from Judging that portion of the competition. (See here for the list of judges).

You may enter only once for each category (for which you are eligible; one article per category per person). An article may only be entered in one category, and it must fit within the requirements of a particular category. You may not change three words and the title of an article to make it eligible for another category; such behavior will result in both articles being disqualified. Additionally, in previous competitions, collaborations were permitted. However, due to a lack of collaboration submissions and complicating rules, collaborations are no longer permitted.

Articles created prior to the competition cannot be submitted. Also, no plagiarism. Should we discover your work is not original, you will be disqualified. Using resources such as the Reefer Desk, Image Request, or Pee Review is forbidden. Users may, however, use Vital, Uncyclopedia:The Creative Process, Category:Rewrite, Special:Wantedpages, Uncyclopedia:Requested Articles and/or Inspire an Article to help get ideas.

When is the PLS going to be held?[edit source]

  • From June 1st - June 21st, entries will be accepted.
  • From June 22nd - June 29th, entries will be locked and judged.
  • From June 30th - July 3rd, winners will be announced, articles will be moved into the mainspace, and all entries will be unlocked.
  • July 4th ― we will all go play Shinty.

(n.b.: all times are to be measured by UTC, and all phases of the contest end at midnight on the specified day; entries may be accepted at the discretion of Cassie)

Where should I put my entry?[edit source]

The article should be placed on your own userspace files, which are stored in the File namespace. Between June 1st - June 21st, you should post a link to your article in the entry section below and sign as you would a forum post or vote.

If you're a paranoid, or afflicted with OCD, or just want to tell people to shove off until after the PLS, add {{PLS-WIP}} to your entry.

Trousers or Kilts?[edit source]

Kilts please.

Judges: score here!

2021[edit source]

Full scoring

Winners[edit source]

Best Article[edit source]

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Fight for your Right by MrX (PERFECT 1ST PLACE SCORE)

runner up: Herodotus by Zana Dark

Best Alt. Namespace Article[edit source]

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Forum talk:Getting a forum talk page featured by Jabberwock

runner up: UnTunes:Rio by Zana Dark

Best image[edit source]

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Pinja.png by Zana Dark

runner up: Finalwilde.png by WohMi

Best template[edit source]

Poo Lit Surprise Logo.png Grand Champion: Tennis by Zana Dark

runners up: User Jocelyn Schitt by MrX and Popsig by Jabberwock

Scoring results[edit source]

Best article[edit source]

Best Alternate Namespace Article[edit source]

Best image[edit source]

Best[edit source]

Entries[edit source]

Best Mainspace Article[edit source]

{{small|Also simply known as "Best Article", this category is for articles which are not of an alternate namespace (i.e. UnBooks, HowTo, UnNews, Why?, UnPoetia, etc.).

Username Entry Comment
Kakun Mel Gibson I love Apocalypto!
MrX Fight for Your Right YOU GOTTA FIGHT!
Nicolassequeira Bio-Dome This will be the most heated competition since Death Race 2000.
Nadienator4000010 Charles of Habsburg, King of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor, Lord of the Netherlands, Duke of Burgundy, Conqueror of the Americas and King of your Heart The sun does not set in my domains
Zana Dark Zananita Republika de Merlonis I started my article on Depends a couple of months ago, this is all I got.
Zana Dark Herodotus I've seen HerodoTusks™ for sale at the Renaissance Faire. They're not cheap. (Submitted as Best Rewrite.)

Best Alternate Namespace Article[edit source]

The category which is strictly for alternate namespace articles (i.e. UnBooks, HowTo, UnNews, Why?, UnPoetia, UnScripts, etc.). Userspace doesn't count!

Username Entry Comment
Jabberwock Talk:Getting a talk page featured talking with myself, 'cause no collaboration is allowed
Cat the Colourful HowTo:Open Your Third Eye Bit a bit more than I could chew, will absolutely finish this after PLS though and develop some further ideas meanwhile
Hipponias UnNews:Tiktok's scientists train users to "scroll down"
Zana Dark User:Zana_Dark/UnTunes:Rio For the record, his hair looks much better after you trim it to look like Elon Musk's.
MrX UnNews:AZA to update enclosure rules It's the best news ever, everybody loves it, nobody is disappointed with this development.
Sourav Halder UnNews:Nigeria's Air Force Fucks Its Own People

Best File[edit source]

This category is open to all files. Most of the time, this implies "images" and/or "potatochops", but any and all files are fine (minus text files and viruses, of course). Best file (accordingly to our totally biased judges) wins! File must be made by oneself.

Username Entry Comment
Rubbish Randy Logo.png
A tasteful design if ever there was one
מה שתגיד
World 2023.png
The political division on Earth, as of 2023. Pay attention to the small details
Zana Dark
It's a Pirate. It's a Ninja. It's a guy I definitely don't want to date.
Zombiebaron Uncyclopedia, The Gay Encyclopedia
Hey, ho. I managed to get mine in! This is definitely a reference of some sort...
Yoda Nobunaga was a prominent warlord in the samurai clan of Jedi who reunified Japanese Galactic Empire during the Sengoku Period.

Best Rewrite[edit source]

Merged into Best Article.

Extended content

For articles which are rewrites of existing articles. The article being rewritten must not be a featured article, and must have not seen substantial activity in 2021 (so far).

Username Entry Comment
Zana Dark Herodotus I've seen HerodoTusks™ for sale at the Renaissance Faire. They're not cheap.
Nadienator4000010 Ernesto "Che" Guevara The capitalist icon deserves better

Best Template[edit source]

The category is for the template designers amogus. Any template can be worked on; the only condition is that it must be aesthetically pleasing!

Best Template won the random number generator contest. As such, 2nd place gets 5 buckaroos!

Username Entry Comment
MrX Template:User Jocelyn Schitt It's how I honestly feel about <insert name here>, doubt I'm the only one.
Jabberwock User:Jabberwock/popsig My new signature.
Zana Dark Template:Tennis Has anyone else ever noticed how odd David's pubic area looks?

One random category will also feature a second cash prize of $5 for the runner-up. What category this will end up being will be determined via random number generator following the Poo Lit Surprise's writing period, before judging commences.