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Hello there! This is Nicolas Sequeira, pro cartoonist and Internet phenomenon. I had an older account, johnnyboy, but it was deleted or something. This is now my official account. Feel free to stop by my talk page and say hi!

Nicolas Sequeira with a smile drawn on his large forehead.

I'm the creator of several highly satirical works, and my comics are distinguishable by their lunacy, heresy, and madcap antics. Seeing as such, I figured Uncyclopedia deserved to have me on it. Everyone talks about how great the Colbert report is, how great The Onion is, etc. but the Onion hasn't been an effective parody since it stopped printing physical copies and the Colbert Report hasn't existed since 2016. As such I think you fellas here on Uncyclopedia don't get nearly enough recognition as you deserve. You're some fine fellas, and many days I've spent on here, poring over your hard work.

Now, I aim to repay the debt I owe you.

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