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Romartus imperially chillaxes.

Fork - [[1]] Spoon - [[2]]

Fork and Spoon Lexicon

  • Achilles in the Tent. <insert name here> who withdraws from active participation but is still around, popping up now and again.
  • Advanced Toilet Humour (A.T.H.). An encyclopedia that has ambitions to move off the cubicle seat. Compare to a Crap Compendium.
  • Alesterical. Over reaction to the deletion an article and the belief it spells DOOM for All Ye Contributors. (Expression coined by Leverage)
  • Aleisterism. The art of staying friends with everyone and making sure your articles appear everywhere. Verb 'To Do An Aleister'.
  • Analogre (UK and USA). Someone who pre-dates the Internet age when people had to use pen and paper to send messages.
  • Crap Compendium. A collection of articles that start and end with bowel movements. That's it. See also Excremental, My dear Watson.
  • Dickensian. Penis obsessed contributor. Related to dickery/dick but with a top hat, frock coat and a lot of fog.
  • Drag Queen Editor. Like a Drama Queen Editor but more of a camper van about it at the same time.
  • Drama Queen Editor. Pick a topic, any subject and create a forum. And then....ACTION!
  • Drama Stoker. Someone who returns the same subject again and again. Akin to Trollin' but much more specific.
  • Excremental, My dear Watson. The U-Bend misadventures of Shit Sherlock and Doctor Diarrhoea.
  • Fan Flicker/Slappy Squirreler . Someone who wants to convert a wiki site into a personal fandom. See Crablogger's talk page.
  • Filial Pietist. A Contributor who batters others into voting submission to get his or her article featured. See Filial Piety.
  • Fly Tip Edit(s). Adding crap to an already smelly article.
  • Fork. The 'Free Uncyclopedia' or FUNC.
  • Forum Fulminator. A user who takes the opportunity to denounce all and sundry involved in the wiki. See also Drama Stoker.
  • Gresham's Law. Related to the classic humoronic simian theory by Thomas Gresham which states "When a website overvalues one type of monkey and undervalues another, the undervalued monkey will leave the country or disappear from circulation into hoards, while the overvalued monkey will flood into circulation" . When related to a website, it is when articles like I maed a yucky doody become the standard of featured articles and therefore drive out others who want to write about more challenging subjects. Can be summed up as 'Bad Comedy Drives Out the Good'.
  • IRC. Incoherent Raspberry Claque.
  • Junior Uncyclopedia. Attempting to feature an article like this. See also Short Trousers
  • Listicator. A writer addicted to lists. Where three exist, thirty will soon follow. Also Listicles - articles covered in crud.
  • Navalist. Contributor who wants to write only about sea-related articles.
  • Navelism. Excessive references to this website in articles. Also Bellybuttonery.
  • Navelism by Proxy. Excessively promoting the supposed merits of your articles on another site with the help of a lot of links.
  • Navelist. Contributor who drops in-site mentions for no good literary or humourous reason.
  • Randumbo. Random+Dumb+O. Article put together without rhyme, reason or alcohol.
  • Short Trousers. Alternative 'Short Pants'. A contributor (anon or registered) or an admin who behaves in a manner that suggests they have wandered out of the kindergarten.
  • SpikeOPedia. Spoon.
  • Spoon. The 'Wikia Uncyclopedia' or WUNC.
  • Spork. Taking articles off other sites and placing them here without acknowledgement or permission. See Fork.
  • Sysop Syphilis. Not medically proven but often ardently wished for by non-admins.
  • Valley of the Trolls. A website where all standard values of behavior are reversed in the name of 'Lulz'. Also Troll Island.
  • Treehouse. Fork.
  • Truth Jesuit. A contributor who imagines other people care about what he/she says in a forum or when voting.
  • Thespianonics. Drama addicts. See Drama Queens.
  • Troll Island. Can be a wiki or an IRC channel or both.
  • Wiki Transvestite. See Aleister.