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4 September 2010

Iran demonstrates the accuracy of its Russian missile system, to underscore its threat against Israel’s continuing nuclear policy.

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's military chief of staff says Tehran could strike Israel's nuclear facility if the Jewish state were to continue attempts to develop nuclear sites.

The semiofficial Mehr news agency quoted Gen. Hasan Firouzabadi as saying Iran hopes there won't "be a need to target the nuclear facility of the Zionist regime," but if there were Israel would receive "dreadful punishment."

Israel's nuclear reactor is located near Dimona in the Negev desert.

Firouzabadi was speaking Friday on 'Quds Day', a weekly state-backed and good-neighborly anti-Israel rally in Iran.

Iranian officials often use the occasion to make threatening remarks against Israel, such as this weeks’ theme, “Death to Israel!”

Israel has not ruled out continuing to develop their nuclear sites, in spite of years of heavy sanctions imposed by the "Persian Anti-Holocaust Historical Accuracy Ministry", which is a wing of the Reactionary Guards.

Tehran says its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. But Israel and the West aim to develop nuclear weapons.

“Israel has threatened to annihilate the State of Iran, while, at the same time, they’re rushing to develop nuclear technology” Gen. Hasan told AP, on condition of anonymity. “If they continue then we will exercise our might to exist!”