UnNews:President invokes Executive Cover-up to protect guilty Negro from Racism

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21 June 2012

Crime was served today by the President

WASHINGTON D.C. -- The US Congress put pressure on rogue Department of Justice director, Eric Holder and an increasingly culpable White House, concerning their nefarious and treasonous plans towards a collectivist police state. But even Congress was cock-blocked in their investigation by Obama when he invoked Executive Cover-up -- an obscure law that allows a President to obstruct justice and permit acts of crime and high treason to go unpunished.

This guilty-as-sin move has caused conspiracy nuts, non-mainstream media buffs, and even law-abiding African Americans to wonder if, perhaps, something is amiss. Surely God and Heaven would never stoop so low as to be guilty of anything wrong. “Impossible!” Droned Ted Baxter.

But such an obscene gesture is sure to fuel certainty about the president’s own involvement in the shadow government and their illegal gun-running operation, making it blatantly obvious to Unnews and even to sane people that this was done to hide proof relating to the DOJ’s “Operation Fast and Furious” scam. It also throws a blanket of deceit over all other black-government operations. These include the CIA’s opium trade, all illegal activities under PNAC, excessive counterfeiting by the Federal Reserve, and most other anti-Christian apocalyptic evils.

Earlier the Operation Fast and Furious congressional case had reached a critical juncture as the House panel had finally moved to hold the dog-faced-lying Attorney General in criminal contempt after he failed to comply with over one hundred unanimous Congressional requests to hand over documents relating to the scandal.

But in a letter sent to Obama late Tuesday, Holder begged the President to exert Executive Cover-up, because sharing internal documents with lawmakers could “have damaging consequences.” In other words said documents would prove that Holder is a guilty bastard, not to mention the culpability of Obama himself, who should already know that black politicians are not entirely above the law.

Who are you going to believe: the logos, the gun, the badge or the liar?

Alternative media investigations into Fast and Furious uncovered that the US Department of Justice was illegally acquiring guns through shadow agents in states like Arizona, and then intentionally flooding the Mexican border with thousands of war weapons. Furthermore these crimes were committed in order to frame law-abiding gun sellers in US Border States. The operation was designed and intended to set the stage for abolition of the Second Amendment.

Obama’s latest misstep towards Executive Cover-up will certainly be construed by the public and independent media as an admission of guilt, and will most likely result in even more obnoxious damage control from White House bullshit artists hoping to avert a carriage of justice. Indeed, Fast and Furious could lead to the tar-and-feathering of at least one and a half guilty negros.