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19 February 2012

Globalist propaganda picture shows UFO demonstrating its capacity for overkill by zapping a belligerent Dung Beetle.

NASA -- Ronald Reagan suggested it before, HG Wells described it before, hundreds of stories and movies have been written and made about it before, Orson Welles scared the piss out of people with it before, and the Twilight Zone did a skit on it before. But now, with the release of Out of the Blue (a MUST SEE), it is obvious that we humans are being softened-up for the ultimate globalist unification solution. What is it? IT is the chilling revelation of extraterrestrial life. Not just close encounters or ET phone home, we’re talking about Mars fucking attacks!!!

It is as clear as the nose on your face that we're being prepped by the media, especially by UFOlogist and Polar Bear expert Al Gore, to believe that aliens are not only real, but are seriously bad motherfuckers - REALLY BAD. So bad, in fact, that ET aims to wipe us out by conducting an alien invasion, either real or false flag, which will imperil all humanity. And threatened by these extra-terrestrials the gullible sheeple, aka, the idiots, will finally join together and create a New World Order with a One World Bank and single currency. A world in which 99% of humanity (those few who manage to survive Eugenics, any way) remain enslaved by an elitist 1% who master the planet by controlling all money and resources. Great idea, huh?

Well, jeez! That all depends on whether or not our military, diplomacy or germs are able to defeat the aliens - otherwise we’re doomed to become ET poop. I mean, a Martian invasion is just what the doctor ordered to avert World War III. And, really, what could be a better way to avoid another world war than to have a Star War – for real – right here on Earth? But, gad! What if we lose? What if we get our collective arse kicked by the aliens, and Ellen Ripley can’t sort it out for us, then we have a serious bummer on our hands. We could be subjugated, or even worse, digested and then flushed down an alien commode.

Yet what if it’s just a false flag alien attack? In that case it might unite the planet while also being basically harmless. In any or either case, it seems to be in the works. And with a new French military report absolutely confirming UFOs it now seems obvious to Unnews that the elite, who themselves may be shape-shifting aliens, are planning a War of the Worlds.

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