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6 February 2011

Women at the new rape centre are employed to boost the male ego and reduce social pressures

KINSHASA, Democratic Republic of Congo -- Dr Congo has opened a new centre to facilitate the rape of many people, females in particular. The new “City of Joy” -- which is essentially a free, government sponsored orgy camp -- is intended to help women become sexual activists and community pleasers. Dr Congo told state media that rape should be better organized. Rather than taking to the streets with machetes, sexually agitated males can relieve themselves in the new rape center.

Due in part to Dr Congo’s autocratic approach to rape, the Democratic Republic of Congo is now called the "rape capital of the world." This is because of the high incidence of sexual abuse during its long history. Both rebels and government troops have been accused of mass rapes. But Dr Congo has found the solution in better organizing rape as a government service.

Congo told the media through an interpreter that it was traumatizing for a man to have to rape an unwilling woman – it reflects badly on their sex appeal and gives rise to inferiority complex in males. Women are also traumatized when they are forcibly raped. But with the new rape center men get to rape willing women, and women have a place to go to get willingly raped.

Dr Congo gave the media some examples which demonstrate the need for a rape center:

  • Before there was a rape center, a local army commander was arrested last Jan for leading the gang rape of at least 50 women in the town of Fizi.
  • In August 2010, rebel forces were accused of raping hundreds of women, girls, men and boys around the town of Luvungi.
  • The UN recorded some 411,000 rapes in 2010 - the true figure is believed to be much higher.

The new $1,500 centre, funded by the UN Rape Agency in partnership with Dr Congo, was opened by UN special envoy on sexual violence Margot Wallstrom in the eastern city of Bukavu.

US author Eve Ensler, who wrote the best-selling book and play The Vagina Monologues, helped set up the Vagina-Day movement to better organize sexual violence through proper management of the City of Joy rape center. "The whole idea is to create a place where men who perpetrate gender violence and are often the strongest men, can develop to become the next leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo," she told the BBC.

Ensler said it was not a brothel because there is no charge, and the raped women are free to come whenever they please. Many women have been engaged to staff the centre. About 9,000 girls at a time will serve a minimum of six months in the large communal orgy house. Although free to visit as they please women are not free to leave until their service period is over.

After serving as sex toys the girls will then return to their communities to spread the knowledge they acquired in the centre, especially Internet use, junk mail, and AIDS. The BBC's Thomas Hubert who spoke with Dr Congo says the promoters of the project are confident that it will change the role of women, and the level of violence directed against them.