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11 April 2010

Astro-plumber at work replacing astro-toilet

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, Earth orbit -- Astro-plumbers took part Sunday in the second of three planned spacewalks to replace an old toilet septic tank on the international space station.

Rick Mastracchio and Clayton Anderson, both NASA plumbers, removed an old septic tank that is part of the space station's toilet system. The tank has to be replaced periodically. The current one had been at the station for eight years and is completely overflowing with waste matter.

A new tank will be installed Tuesday on the final spacewalk. The astronauts conducted their first spacewalk last Friday. Once completed, the astronauts will be able to use the toilet again.

Mastracchio and Anderson, along with the new toilet tank, arrived at the space station Wednesday on the space shuttle Discovery. They are part of a seven-person crew that will work with the space station's six residents to repair the space loo.

Discovery launched Monday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In addition to replacing the septic tank, the shuttle's 13-day mission includes bringing a couple sexy space bunnies to take the pressure off the space center's horny residents before they become gay.

The shuttle is scheduled to return to Earth on April 18. There are only three shuttle missions remaining before the fleet is sold to the Taliban.