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5 November 2012

UnWikiLeaks reveal CIA plans to torture lone-gun patsy solely responsible for the #@!*^/# attack on U.S. consulate in Benghazi


  • Protesters: ‘Take note. We won’t vote!’ – dispersed with Sarin
  • Romney leads in state with financial incentive – Israel
  • Obama solution for fiscal crisis – end debt ceiling
  • Romney’s presidential priorities – get richer, buy Utah
  • Castro, Chavez, Putin, Jong-un endorse Obama
  • Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bolton endorse Romney
  • Map: World shrugs – knows it’s rigged


  • Slogging Marathon On
  • Giuliani fault-line imperils NYC
  • Storm broke records – vinyl collectors weep
  • ‘Long lines are everywhere you go’ – look around!
  • Time-lapse: Sandy blows NYC cops on duty (R)
  • Shit-can your boring stories | Submit nude photos


  • Why Rebels make good Imperialists
  • U.S. officials deny whatever they are told to deny
  • What really happened in Benghazi’s only glory hole?
  • CIA mole in Libya | CIA mole in Syria | Israeli mole in US


  • Clashes erupt in Mali | Cheers erupt in CFR
  • Migrant ship strikes WWII mine; sinks off Italy – 0 alive
  • Gunman attacked by target – shoots
  • Egypt’s Coptic Pope picks new Christians – few takers
  • Anti-pigs tail protests in Agra | Anti-cow’s tail protests in Delhi
  • Blast rocks Syrian capital – lands 3-album deal with Epic
  • Rebels decide not to target air base in Syria – smoke hookah
  • Nanny charged in stabbing death ruled suicide
  • Italy’s PM vows to support schoolgirl until age 27
  • Taliban target students with lame Bollywood humor
  • Leopard eats 15 people – dies of dyspepsia
  • U.S. police thrilled in helicopter caper under overpass
  • Boeing Dreamliner makes U.S. debut in sleep mode
  • Facebook in Silicon talent battle – falsies banned
  • Japanese history group confronts past – totally horrified
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