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13 February 2011

Planet United States of Earth

JERUSALEM, Israel -- In a global coup d'état the United States this past week effectively took control of the planet by creating what is being called the world’s first “Superstate” known as the United States of Earth (USE). The two hundred fifty two countries and territories of the world joined as states along with the fifty-five states and territories of America for total one world government.

In an announcement made February 4th on the WhiteHouse.Gov website, President Obama stated: “Today, I and Michelle, along with all the Prime Ministers, Presidents, Kings, Queens, Sultans, despots, warlords, tribal chiefs, and dictators of all countries of the world have directed the creation of the Obama Global Agreement (OGA) composed of senior regulatory, trade, and foreign affairs officials from all governments. As leader I have directed that the first meeting of the USE be convened within 90 days by the relevant agencies in the world.”

Concealed in the “dildo-speak” wording of this historic announcement, however, is the complete overturning of the sovereignty of the earth peoples’ laws and regulations they have lived under for centuries, but which will now be “melded” together with Sharia, Hindu, Shinto, and Buddhist laws, and this melded law will be applicable to everyone.

The impending shock and uproar from around the world over the news that literally all countries of the earth have joined Obama and signed away their sovereignty to the United States is bound to be unprecedented, but the same cannot be said of the American people who, according to CNN, have not been allowed to know about it. Even the New York Times didn’t mention the Obama Global Agreement (OGA). Except for a small story inside the Wall Street Journal, no other U.S. media reported on the agreement.”

According to the Dot Gov website the OGA deal will 'protect us' from terror. That's how it's being sold to the public. Plus the new agreement will make it much harder to cross the border. This is the other selling point for the deal, but of course the 'opening' of the world’s borders was done to give us 'a problem' that Obama is now going to solve with a new border around us -- the earth’s atmosphere.

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