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9 March 2010

Supreme Deity as He appears in snap-shot taken by Dr. Minkle at Israel’s Wailing Wall. He Bad!

THE HAGUE -- UnNews was stumped, along with Scientists, to learn of the following incident. ‘New Faith Magazine’ recently reported that a Group of Scientists, headed by Prof. Stephen Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, ETC., decided that, having achieved their aim of Creating Life in a test tube, therefore the idea of a Supreme Deity was no longer necessary. And one of the ranking members was appointed to inform God of His dismissal.

Apparently, not quite sure how to contact God, or even if God existed or not, the Scientific delegate, a Dr. Edward Minkle, D. Div., traveled to Israel and visited the Wailing Wall late at night. There he sobbed until God appeared before him (Refer actual snap-shot on right).

On learning of His dismissal, the Supreme Deity challenged Minkle to a person-making contest, to which Minkle agreed. But when the Dr. reached down for some Earth, God objected, saying, “Hey, use your OWN dirt!” – a point on which Minkle was unprepared to negotiate.

Returning to his Scientific Congress, Dr. Minkle reported on the incident, and, just like UnNews, all his colleagues were duly stumped.

After careful consideration, Prof. Hawking declared a “no contest” – he then drove his mind-powered chair over to the nearest ITSCON recruiting center and joined up.

Mean while, the good Christians of God Bless America are irate that Hawking became a neo-Hindu.

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