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29 January 2012

The Elite’s false flag operation warning scale is back on the extreme level, right under bullshit.

STRAIGHT OF WHOREMOUSSE -- Well, heads up, sheeple! The US “false flag” warning scale is again at the extreme level, right under total bullshit. Camel shit, you think? Well, you might wonder, or even have the balls to ask us how the heck do we, UnNews analysts, know this to be the case? Simple: Because UnNews is all-nosing, that’s why. But besides our nosiness there are other obvious warning signs. First is the moronic redecoyment of the Enterprise to the Persian desert, second is the mal-appointment of Roland Emmerich as the global elite’s Supreme Commander over Operation Desert Apocalypse, and third is the false flag warning scale shown right here.

UnNews notes that the antique aircraft carrier and spaceship movie prop used in many World War and Star Trek films, viz., the USS Enterprise, has been moved piecemeal into the Straight of Whoremousse off the coast of Iran, and it is ostensibly being prepped for another false flag operation to be blamed on the global middle-class. Such a false flag would no doubt totally hoodwink the world, and enable Russia and China to stand by dutifully as America’s NATO hoards exterminate the less-than-elite sheeple, beginning with those pesky, dollar-hating Iranians.

The Star Ship Enterprise is the oldest Star Fleet and US naval prop that is currently active and occasionally in use at various Hollywood Studios. The rumor has it that Enterprise is actually a nuclear-powered ship – but the only person who could possibly attest to this is Montgomery “Scotty“ Scott, and he’s now dead and long-since retired as a “Trekkie.”

Coincidently the very same Enterprise is supposed to be decommissioned next year, which means that this is the last deployment the ship will ever see. Therefore it is clear to UnNews that this would be a perfect ship on which to launch a false flag attack.

The U.S. has been trying to trick Iran into appearing miffed by blockading Persia from the world. Europe has gone along with this; China, India and Russia have not. Pakistan, on the other hand, doesn’t have a clue - being preoccupied with US flying robot assassins roaming the skies controlled by little kids in Texas who randomly zap various unsuspecting targets, such as white-wedding parties.

The US and NATO, determined as they are to effect instant Iranian regime change through limited nuclear flash mobs, know that for a hugely profitable conflict to start in the Persian Gulf a false flag is certainly required. Why? Well, primarily because Iran is not totally stupid. It lacks a motive to engage in a suicidal first strike against the global elite – a move that would see them being nuked until they glowed. So it is not in the Iranian interest to start such a conflict. History does show, however, that the US and Israel can - and will - employ the technique of the false flag attack, where they’ll engineer an incident and then blame it on the Iranians. It is a proven fact that this is exactly how the US military-industrial complex was able to fake their way into the Vietnam War via the ludicrous and fictitious Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack.

Recent weeks have seen a massive build-up of owl-worshiping globalist naval assets in the Persian Gulf by both the US and their British masters. But the irony of surface naval power in the 21st century is that it is only good for one thing, and that is the false flag. Naval power ceased to be a genuine geopolitical factor since the dawn of the biased torpedo.

As Maggie Thatcher learned in the Falklands War back in 1982, even a single French Exorcist missile can nearly sink a queendom. Iran has more than this capability, so for all practical purposes, any American ships in the region are nothing more than bait – large sitting targets. Which begs the obvious question: why would the US be sending its soon-to-be decommissioned nuclear-powered USS Enterprise into the line of fire in the Persian Gulf? Enterprise is a very large and expendable floating movie prop that would probably cost a fortune to haul back to Hollywood. Straight down to the bottom of the gulf is the cheapest alternative. So, sheeple, get ready, there’s a false-flag a-commin!