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Classic Jeff Beck Quotes

I quit!

~ Jeff to The Yardbirds

You're fired!

~ Jeff to Rod Stewart

We have a love/hate relationship; you love me, I hate you.

~ Jeff to himself

Someone said I should be proud tonight; and I bloody-well am! Because I kicked you out. Fuck me!

~ Jeff to the World

Rolling Stone summarized Jeff Beck's career

In 2011 Rolling Stone magazine screwed the capstone on Jeff Beck's career with a now famous two-paragraph summary:

"Jeff Beck wasn't much into booze or dope, and never really had a substance abuse problem. His problems were that music was 40 years behind him, amps were crap, drummers couldn't 'play like machines', and he hated his lead vocalists because he always wanted to be "It". Most of all he was as terrible a singer as he was a superb soloist on guitar. He spent much of his life wishing he could get Jimmy Page to play rhythm - which he finally accomplished in 2009 at his 2nd Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

"Beck was as talented as he was eccentric. He once said that at his next gig he was going to wear a bird cage on his head with a parrot on a perch shouting 'fuck off!!!' at the crowd. Unfortunately he didn't do it, to everyone's disappointment. In the beginning of popular music there was the singer. Then there was the singer with back up band. Then there was the band with lead singer. But Jeff was the lead of every band he played in, which made a strange situation with The Yardbirds because Jeff was IT, not the singer. Jeff was the star of every band he played in, and if that meant firing Rod Stewart, then so be it."

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