UnNews:Miami Vice inspired ‘Mecca Vice’ steals Saudi TV top spot

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6 April 2010

"Mecca Vice" - Undercover vice cops, Tubbs and Crockett setting up a sinner.

SAUDI ARABIA -- "Mutaween", more popularly known as "Mecca Vice", an Arabic show based loosely on the infidel 1980s TV series, "Miami Vice", has taken the desert kingdom by storm, becoming the most popular Saudi TV show in history.

The main difference between the Saudi version and its American counter-part is in the production. In the American series they were just acting. But in Mecca Vice they film live in real-time as they bust and murder possibly innocent sinners.

Mecca Vice stars two 'cool' undercover Mutaween, named Ali and Farook, both extremely handsome, well-dressed and religious, who live on a boat in the dessert and keep a pet Blue-ringed octopus named Jihad.

The primary plot has the heroes setting up and arresting the wicked, then torturing and killing them -- but you never really know if it's for real or not. Highlights of the show often include live beheading and limb severing with instant reply.

In many episodes the heroes, “Tubbs” (Ali) and “Crockett” (Farook), have been praised for their heroic crusade against vices in Saudi Arabia. Some of the most popular shows include,

  • One man's death from a heart attack that occurred while he was being boiled in oil. He was arrested and condemned for speaking with an unmarried person on a cell-phone.
  • Her own father, one of the heroes, Farook, burned a young Saudi woman who had converted to Christianity to death.
  • A young Lebanese man arrested and executed by stoning for possession of illegal and immoral Tarot Cards.
  • Busting and executing "24" CTU agent Chloe O'Brian for having a "personality disorder".
  • Setting up a "sting" operation resulting in the arrest and crucification of Jesus for propounding blaspheme and claiming to be related to God paternally.

Already starting its 8th season, the show remains the most popular Saudi TV show, and has made a serious impact on Saudi fashion and style.

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