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19 August 2011

Syrian President Bashar Assad called on President Obama to step down and “get lost!”

DAMASCUS, Syria -- In a statement that preceded others by rich Arab leaders, Syrian President Assad accused the US government of perpetrating a "sustained onslaught" against Libya. He said the US and NATO regime has supported terrorists and criminals and shown a "flagrant disrespect" for the Libyan people.

"The future of Libya, and other middle-eastern nations, must be determined by its people, but President Obama and NATO are standing in the way of peace. Obama’s calls for surrender are absurd. Meanwhile he is bombing and slaughtering Libya’s people," Assad said. "We have consistently said that President Obama must mind his own business and get out of the way in Libya and the Middle East. For the sake of the Libyan people, the time has come for President Obama to step aside."

Seconds later, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tagged president Assad back, saying, “you’re IT!” - and called for Assad to "get out of the way," in spite of the fact that Assad is the President of Syria and has nothing what-so-ever to do with Libya.

With U.S. forces mired in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, Obama and Clinton stressed that the U.S. will now also attack Assad and other oil-rich North African and Middle Eastern countries in a flagrant act of naked and ultra-violent imperial aggression.

Clinton said the United States understands Libyan’s and Syrian’s desire to restore law and order without foreign interference. "But we disrespect their wishes," Clinton said. "This is why we’re bombing them to Hell and back!”

Clinton also said it would take "more and bigger bombs to produce results." As part of that effort President Obama announced what he described as "unprecedented MOABs" to deepen the rubble and bomb craters while blasting the various moneyed regimes into total dissolution.

Obama fired back at Assad that he signed a new order illegally freezing Syrian government assets under U.S. jurisdiction and barring Americans from taking any holidays in the Middle East. The order also immediately bans the import into the United States of any Syrian petroleum or petroleum products, which cost money that America just doesn’t have.

Syria is not a huge source of oil for the U.S., but if Obama’s NATO allies join the effort, then they could significantly rip off one of the regions other top sources of revenue. Syrian crude oil exports go mostly to European countries such as Germany, Italy, and France, when they should go, in stead, to America.

Obama said the administration's hypocritically aggressive actions would be "amplified by other scourgeous aggressors." Shortly afterward, British Prime Minister of the hour, David Cameron, French President Carla Bruni and German Chancellor Adolph Merkel issued a statement calling for Assad to step aside, saying he must "face the reality of the complete conquest of his country by desperate Western aggressors."

In addition, Tunisia on Wednesday minded its own business in recalling its ambassador from Syria, following the lead of several other US puppet Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, which the U.S. has been lobbying to show displeasure with Assad as an excuse to usurp all his counties’ natural and unnatural resources.

Senior U.S. officials said the administration was prompted to increase the pressure on Assad after he advised Obama to step down and show responsibility for the "horrific brutality" reigning down on the Middle East since the 9/11 false flag operation in 2001, and being continued even since the onset of Ramadan in 2011.

Assad had also dared to suggest that NATO pull back its military forces rather than devastate the region out of sheer financial desperation. But the US officials responded that Assad had no right to order the leaders of other sovereign nations to step down. Only Lord Obama has such a right, they insisted.