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Optimuschris[edit | edit source]

Optimuschris does not transform into anything. He is not interested in saving the planet from giant robots. He does not want to see your fanfic. He does however have a penchant for not wearing pants.

This is not Optimuschris
This however...



Uncyclopedia:Imperial Colonization

Colonization Workshop

Things I've peed on.


Work in Progress

More Work in Progress

UnNews desk


UN:At a glance

some .js or other

UnNews (TalkContribs (del)Block (rem-lst-all)WhoisCityProxy?WP Edits) was so impressed with me, he wrote this in my honor! Obviously the Philistines around here had to delete it immediately, vanity they said. I saved a copy though because my ego demands it.


So I don't forget.[edit | edit source]

HowTo:Featured, {{HowTo:TotD}} and HowTo:Recent

These things make me laugh.[edit | edit source]

Then again, so does video of dudes getting kicked in the nuts. Meh. You decide.

Random Shit[edit | edit source]

Some good articles

UnNews:God declares Fargo a test area for disasters as blizzard hits

User:RAHB/Fantastic Jokes and Other Reverted Humor

The Cruise

this thing

User:Optimuschris/21days thanks

User:Optimuschris/Nazi thanks


Be Quiet and Shut the Fuck Up


Template-Impersonal thanks.


Good Boy!

I are teh writer what is good with words and stuff[edit | edit source]

IC Feature(s) that I had nothing to do with but share credit for anyways[edit | edit source]

IC Articles I contributed to causing them to not be featured[edit | edit source]

Also this crap[edit | edit source]

Why?:Can't Anybody Drive in this Town?

UnNews:Optimus Prime Murdered

These things[edit | edit source]

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