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The Return of Orion Blastar[edit | edit source]

Well just for a small amount of time for now. After resetting my password and losing access of old OB accounts, I remembered I changed the email address to this account before I lost control of my old OB email accounts. Have I lost my mind? Maybe! Are anonymous hackers after me still? Maybe. But I keep on trying to get better instead of trying to get even, i am trying to get healthier. Maybe a FAQ session later if I get the time to write one.

I wrote a lot of funny stuff here, followed the rules reverted the vandalism, and did more, only to get attacked on other web sites that lack a sense of humor and like lulz or drama instead. Not sure why I got singled out, had my accounts hacked, all I really did was annoy people that vandalized here with their "x is gay" and such by reverting them, citing that it was not funny. But I guess they left me alone for a while and hacked Sony and Nintendo instead. Even my son's Steam account got hacked and we are trying to recover it as well. But oh well, I said I'd be back some day didn't I?

Quotes[edit | edit source]

“A Space Pirate Ninja from 4096AD? I wish I'd thought of that.”

~ Stephen King on Orion Blastar

“Why do I keep getting mistaken for this guy?”

~ Glenn Beck on Orion Blastar


“Orion is more Batshit insane than I am.”

~ Tom Cruise on Orion Blastar

“Orion is more depressed than me, and should just cheer up.”

~ Trent Reznor on Orion Blastar

“In truth, even I am scared of Orion Blastar.”

~ Chuck Norris on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar is the real reason why St. Louis Missouri, USA is the most dangerous city in the USA.”

~ CNN on Orion Blastar

“When I made Orion Blastar I broke the mold. I had to, because if I didn't the universe couldn't handle more than one Orion Blastar.”

~ God on Orion Blastar


~ Darth Vader on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar actually exists? There goes my whole works and theories!”

~ Richard Dawkins on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar, I had a good scientific scam going on until Orion Blastar was born and ruined it.”

~ Charles Darwin on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar writes programs even better than I do.”

~ Derek Smart on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar helped me with my theory of relativity, because I am poor at math.”

~ Albert Einstein on Orion Blastar

“Orion Blastar personally sent me back to Hell fifty four times.”

~ The Devil on Orion Blastar

“We got motherf*ckin' Orion Blastar on the g*dd*mmed Uncyclopedia!”

~ Samuel L. Jackson on Orion Blastar

“If you meet Orion Blastar on the road, kill him.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Orion Blastar

“If Orion is the work of a higher power, he must have one hell of a sense of humor!”

~ Commander Adama on Orion Blastar

“I'll never give up my guns, but you can have my bullets as I empty them into your bodies with my guns.”

~ Orion Blastar on Gun Grabbing Liberals

“This man is one of my long lost relatives from the future.”

~ Baltasar Garzón on Orion Blastar

“I am trying to see things from your point of view, but I can't get my head that far up my ass.”

~ Orion Blastar on His critics and people who troll him

Short Description[edit | edit source]

Ninja Pirate Orion Blastar

Space Ninja Pirate from 4096 AD who traveled back in time to 1995.

Like a bad Sci-Fi story[edit | edit source]

Orion hopes to change history to avoid things like this, or help them happen anyway. Due to some time travel paradox he can do both apparently.

He is descended from Irish Pirates, or the Pirish, who married Japanese Ninjas who lived in Thailand, and then in 2300 became part of a space colony to the Deneb sector and lived on Regina in the Vilani Imperium. In the year 4000 they moved back to Earth known as Terra in the Solimani system that was taken over by the Vilani Imperium. Orion Blastar was born in 4061 in what is left of the USA, he spent most of his life as a Space Pirate to make ends meet. In 4096 he borrowed a Corsair with an experimental time drive and went back to 1995. He burned up the ship in re-entry as the drives failed, and used an escape pod to land. He laid low, and tried to warn people of stuff to happen, but they ignored him or thought he was crazy. He worked as a computer programmer but got sick and went on disability. He claims to be here to help change the future to a brighter one, but nobody believes anything he tells them. He is a holy man; he is protected by Unix Daemons.

The Public's Opinion[edit | edit source]

You have been cited in Uncyclopedian Bios.
Apparently you are "notable". Don't ask me why; I think you're lame.

Some claim that Orion is insane, others that he is an AI program or Robot. Orion correctly predicted that George Dubya Bush would win the 2000 and 2004 USA Presidential elections.

The work history of Orion[edit | edit source]

An examine of the conspiracy the law firm and it's clients had against Orion. Extreme Loan Sharking.

Orion's Resume contains a brief work history. Orion's Classmates profile has more detailed history about him. Orion worked at Dewey Cheatham and Howe from 1997 to 2001, a law firm. Orion was fired after suffering from a terminal illness, and writing Visual BASIC code better than any other developer in the IT Department. He later worked on a Hell Desk at Provergys in 2002 supporting a Baby Bell DSL service being paid $9USD an hour. Orion predicted that Provergys would soon lose the contract, and he quit to find work elsewhere. Orion was hired at Reserved Judgment at the end of 2002, a surgical tool and surgical tray small business helping them get to the next level in their custom software. Orion converted the database from MS Access to MS SQL Server, streamlined the Visual BASIC code to run faster and have fewer bugs and gave the owner many ideas on future designs and considerations. A few months later, Orion was fired after his coworkers conspired against him, stole his ideas, and made up rumors about him. Orion's terminal illness got worse, and in 2003 he went on disability, unable to work. Orion was insane at this point, or so they say. His career ruined by past employers and coworkers, and suffering from a terminal illness Orion did the only thing he could, and went back to college to learn how to be a business manager. It was found out later that Orion suffers from schizo affective disorder, depression, major mood disorder, and other mental illnesses and is one of the lost Burger Kings. He set up charities to donate to in order to help people like him in his area. Most of the people who conspired against him are Liberal Democrats, which forced Orion to become a Republican Moderate, and then later join the Pirate Ninja Party of America. Conspiracy theorists still research exactly what had happened to him during his career on Earth before he got too sick to work. But despite all of that Orion is fighting his physical and mental illnesses as his brain and body chemistry ceased to resemble anything Human in nature anymore and he started to develop psionic powers and then started to see and hear things no human being ever could.

The death and rebirth of Orion[edit | edit source]

Orion Blastar acting like Batman but as a heterosexual instead.

In November 2004, Orion had faked his death, to throw some of his enemies off his trail for a few days. Orion returned from the dead three days later, possibly because of the smell. The truth was that Orion killed himself, went to Hell and had a fiddle contest with The Devil. The Devil stated that if Orion beat him with a fiddle, that Orion could go back to life on Earth, and if he didn't beat him with the fiddle Orion had to stay in Hell. The Devil went first and played a golden fiddle, and did a heavy metal song with it. Then handed the fiddle to Orion and said "If you beat me with this fiddle, I'll let you live." So Orion grabbed the golden fiddle and said "Hey a fiddle made out of gold is heavy. So if I beat you with this fiddle, I'm free right?" The Devil smiled and said "Yes I have the lawyers drawn up the contract if you beat me with that fiddle, you win." so Orion grabbed the fiddle and beat The Devil over the head with it mercilessly. Finally The Devil gave up and said "You win! Stop beating me with the fiddle. I really have to rephrase these contracts differently." and sent Orion back to Earth all healed up and alive again.

Orion, a fugitive of fate[edit | edit source]

We got motherf*ckin' Orion Blastar on a plane!

Orion is constantly hunted, stalked, and harassed by IWETHEY, The Daily Kos, Kuro5hin, Slashdot, Husi, and other Liberal Terrorists [2] because Orion knowns the truth about them and what future may come. To end this sort of thing, Orion formed The Psycho Friends Network, so that he can get away from his enemies for a while. They still continue to stalk Orion to Uncyclopedia and like to edit his articles, and page blank and vandalize them, in an attempt to make his articles less funny because they are confused that Uncyclopedia is not Wikipedia, IWETHEY, Kuro5hin, Husi, or Slashdot and they refuse to play by the rules here, and actually try to be serious or at least Yahoo Serious. Orion is also stalked by Psycho Ex-Girlfriends on the Internet and has many imitators and wannabes who try to be like Orion Blastar, but fail at it because they are not as awesome or born a mutant pirate ninja like Orion was. His stalkers still continue to vandalize his user page here as well as his articles. Recently Orion was accused of being Glenn Beck by Kuro5hin and Encyclopedia Dramatica, because they happened to notice that his political views were the same as Glenn Beck, that he had colon surgery at the same time as Glenn Beck, that like Glenn Beck he was suicidal as well and also seems to be of the same generation as Glenn Beck. But do not be fooled, Orion Blastar is not Glenn Beck, but perhaps Glenn Beck is Orion Blastar after traveling back in time from an alternate version of history and instead of joining Uncyclopedia, he joined CNN instead. But trust us, Orion Blastar is a better dresser, tells better jokes, and happens to be a lot smarter than Glenn Beck.

Orion's imaginary battles[edit | edit source]

Orion is such a great pirate, that in a fight between him and Maddox, Orion wins, killing Maddox with a single thought.

Orion's imaginary awards[edit | edit source]

In 1995 Orion was crowned King of the Internet because nobody else wanted the job. His first order was to place a 1% tax on all Porn sales of the Internet. So far, Orion has not collected one cent, but it is rumored that people of the Internet owe him trillions of USA dollars. The only part of the Internet he does not control, is the Usenet owned by King Fluffy since 1989. Some pretender to the crown, named Bob, claims to be King of the Internet, but nobody takes him seriously at that.

Orion's real awards[edit | edit source]

Awards given to Orion Blastar by others that are real.

Orion's claim to fame[edit | edit source]

Orion is really famous but people refuse to acknowledge that fact. His Uncyclopedia pages are mostly First Drafts and he would make them Second Drafts but the massive deletions and challenges to his articles, has stifled his creativity and sucked out his will to live, so he only corrects typos, spelling errors, and broken links mostly. Despite Orion Blastar not even being notable enough for Wikipedia Linuxworld values what he says about old technologies and used him as a source in that story.

Orion's web sites[edit | edit source]

Orion's web page is at and his contact info is at on the Internet. You can also find more from him at Orion Blastar's Blog, but be warned that Orion Blastar is a Science Fiction writer and an Internet Vigilante Troll who is also a pirate and ninja. Orion is now an open sourced being. Orion hunts down trolls, Neo-Nazis and other criminals on the Internet because he is cool like that. and Blastar of India and Chinais his company that he operates from. His Mock-Conservative opinions are written all over the Internet using Poe's Law. HIs Youtube channel reflects that.

Orion Blastar has become so popular (in a negative way) on some websites (in a positive way) here and other places and is now writing free eBooks under FOSS licenses.

Inspired by John Lithgow Orion decided that He's got to have pep! and eats healthier now and lifts weights and exercises. He is getting into better shape and takes time off the Internet to spend more time with his family and friends and work on eBooks. He designs web pages, writes small programs, and is heavy on virtual machines using QEMU and VirtualBox.

He embarrassed himself with singing awful songs and making them free to download and of course if that was not enough embarrassment he continues to keep on doing stuff like this even if nobody cares about him or his works.

Orion's Works[edit | edit source]

Some pages Orion had a hand in writing: (Warning, some pages may be deleted without any reason. If you are an admin, this list should not be confused for a QVFD list. If you don't find them funny, please tell me why on my talk page and make suggestions on how I can change them to be funnier or funny. Please give me a chance. I write funny articles for Little Johnny, a 6 year-old boy who is in an iron lung and his father prints out my Uncycliopedia articles and reads them to him, because they are the only things in the world that can make him laugh and feel good about himself. If you won't give my articles another chance, at least do it for Little Johnny so his father can find and print my articles for his well being. The laughter is what keeps Little Johnny alive, so many of my articles are written for a 6 year-old to find funny, but maybe some adults don't find them funny. I must keep on writing, Little Johnny is counting on me. I won't let you down, Little Johnny, hang on and get better soon.)

Orion is also working on a series of Books using Gonzo Fiction aka Gonzo Journalism a form of writing made famous by Hunter S. Thompson. Orion's incomplete and unpublished masterpieces are works in progress that are so funny most people aren't intelligent enough to get them. So Orion is trying to dumb them down to be more easily understood.

For those without a sense of humor, a science fiction high tech book was written on Orion Here called 'The Neurochip' in which Orion is a computer programmer instead of a space pirate ninja from the future. Orion convinced himself he wasn't that funny and wrote a different sort of book.

Orion makes Windows 8 sad

Fans of Orion Blastar and his works[edit | edit source]

If you like Orion Blastar and his Uncyclopedia works, please vote or nominate him on the Uncyclopedia:Writer of the Month page. Thank you.

Orion no longer is on Kuro5hin.

Trump's Tears

Complaints Department[edit | edit source]

Orion regrets that you didn't find his article or comments funny, or maybe you don't like his opinions or politics or religion. Courtesy of the Psych Friends Network, we present this coupon for you to use. Punchcoupon.jpg

Please print out the above coupon, good for one free punch in the face.

References[edit | edit source]

True facts and other reliable factual sources on the Internet:

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