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Luvvy got a new family member in October 2011
Things may or may not be busy in Skyrim.
Also, Luvvy is now a Legal Alien.
Tummy wubs are imminent. Run, run for yer lives!


Young Master Niff says:
"Her most adorable Luvvykins is not in at the moment.
Please, do leave a tummy wub..."

Luvvykins has solo-written the following features


Luvvykins has co-written the following features

With Mhaille

Luvvy's sockpuppet has written the following features

Excerpts from fan mail people have sent me. Blessed darlings...

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Hate mail people who can't use my talk page have sent me

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Remember all that talk about burning the witch or something?

- Modusoperandi on A lot of people owing Luvvy an apology