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Written language is still a mystery, as it is unclear if Mongolians know how to read and write, or if they pass on information in the form of dance, like bees.

Historians on Mongolia

Now, I know some of you, mostly the guys, might think it’s cool to stand up in church, whip out your wang, wiggle it around like a jiggleworm, and give it a couple whaps to your old mom’s cheek, making a sweet echo effect across the pews.

Luke Perry on PSA

but I prefer to help the world along a path of change, not force change down the throats of others. I never force it. However, if someone was to ask for a little change down their throat, I would be willing and able to push it deep, deep down. Mmmmmm...

Professor X on change

Frankly, forty minutes is too long to microwave almost anything. Maybe if you were trying to cook a turkey in there; I don't know. I've never tried.

Hyperbole on your microwave estimation

Thomas has taken to telling his family they should rise up and overtake the aliens, even before the family's guardian beetle warrior had removed their leashes. The whole family got the goo for that.

Local Reporter on Talking out against the alien overlords

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Yeah, I had a few girlfriends in middle school.
They should be Graduating from there in a year or two though.


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That time I accidentally became an admin.
Couldn't give that shit away.
Tried to get myself paid for my "efforts."
Then fucked up and de-opped myself.