That time I nearly got an article featured by the community during my sojourn in Uncyclopedia

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It kind of looked like this, only fucking more brutal.

Dude, that fucking article was so close. Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

joining this fucking community on the internet, doing my awesome writer thing with the words and the dramatic irony, right? Like, creative badass shit.

and this fucking editor[edit]

bursts out of the recent changes, edits all over the article, and instead of going for the qvfd, he makes an editorline straight for VFH.

so I pulled out my[edit]

for vote and voted the shit out of the thing, when all of a sudden these other editors show up and downvote the hell out of it! WTF?

The article barely got away with a major failed VFH template and a severed writer's ego.

No, seriously. It nearly got featured.

Fries.png Quasi-Featured Article (18 February 2014)
This article was nominated to become a featured article; however, due to several votes being devoured by a kitten that shoots fire from its eyes, it didn't make the cut (an embarrasing -1.5 score). Don't let this happen again! For just pennies a day, you can prevent another travesty of this nature, or vote for other articles at Uncyclopedia:VFH.

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