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Current location: Earth

Major hobbies:

  • Searching for Leng
  • Making contingency plans for what to do if it's found

And by the way, in case anyone cares, I am not a sock puppet. I'm quite sure of that. I just checked, and while I was checking, I was thinking about it, and since I was thinking, I can conclude (or I think I can conclude) that I must exist, or at least Descartes said I exist. And sock puppets don't exist. Or don't exactly exist, or don't quite exist the way other people do (even though it might also be said that they exist in huge numbers in some locales, but that's not exactly the same kind of 'exist', right? I think). So the point of all this is that I really do exist and can prove it. I think.

Good Stuff[edit]

Web sites should be educational. You should be able to learn things from them. That's why encyclopedias are good -- they have stuff in them, and you can learn stuff from the stuff that they're stuffed with.

And uncyclopedia is an encyclopedia, or anyway something along those lines, so you should be able to learn stuff from it. Right?

Of course. Right.

But some pages on Uncyclopedia are woefully lacking in citations for their information, and that makes it harder to learn stuff from the stuff that's here. So to help with that problem I've included some citations here, in the form of some links you can learn stuff from. And it's all good stuff and it's all very earnest and serious and seriously educational.

In short, as I said, it's Good Stuff.

  • Learn about the Sun (it's really a solid rock): [1]
  • Learn about the atmosphere (and the sylphs which live in the sky and eat chemtrails): [2]
  • Learn what so-called "cell phone towers" really are (and why you should wrap your head in aluminum foil): [3]
  • Learn about Noah's Ark (and how it was built using aircraft grade aluminum alloy rivets manufactured in 3000 BC without electricity, unlike modern aluminum alloys): [4]
  • Learn what really took down the WTC (not airplanes, not explosives, not an earthquake, not God ... particle beams from space!): [5]

I was going to include a link to some Good Stuff on physics, because everybody should understand (at least a little) physics, but after I'd spent hours searching the Web, when I finally found a page that really explained it all, I found out I didn't understand it either, and I didn't even understand how I didn't understand it. Maybe you'll have better luck understanding how it all works, or doesn't work; the page I found that explains it all is here: [6] I think it includes a proof that there isn't any such thing as gravity (because if there were the moon would crash into the Earth) but since I didn't understand it I'm not sure.


  1. I don't speak Latin so I'm not quite sure what this says, but I'm sure it's very relevant and pithy.