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Can Some user ever actually win?[edit | edit source]

After the tremendous success of our last Some user opinion poll, the result of which was "Meh," we're putting a new question to the Uncyclopedia community:

Can Some user ever actually win?
You voted for " Never, ever in a million years" on 6 November 2023 at 08:33. You can change your vote by clicking a different answer below.
There were 37 votes since the poll was created on 16:40, 11 January 2013.
poll-id 36312000364FCCBA218534B2DEE8BE4D

Poll results will be announced as soon as Some user can think of a punchline. Realistically, that probably won't happen.

Things that look just like Userboxes![edit | edit source]

No Wikipedia.png
Some user does not have an account at Wikipedia, and has never made an edit there, because he or she thinks that they like to poop on people more than is really necessary.
Some user stands accused of building the oh-so-cute Unquotable section of Uncyclopedia. He'll admit to having done it for a quarter.
Some user might even have built the Uncycloversity section, too. He'll admit to having done that for just an honorary doctorate.

Help destroy Some user![edit | edit source]

Hmmm... The blue links look better than the red links. My question is, why can't there be green links?

Gnome-speakernotes.png  Some user speaks!  
And sings, too! But will the world listen?
Probably not, right? I mean, let's be realistic.

News[edit | edit source]

  • Some user is back from vacation, but still not really doing much of anything. Call it "post-vacation dirty-mindedness."

Latest Articles[edit | edit source]

Latest Assists (helpful or otherwise)[edit | edit source]

Did You Know...[edit | edit source]

  • ...That there's no mirror? Or even a shaving brush?
  • ...That the Rolling Stones have never heard of anyone called "Some user"? He's never heard of them either, of course.
  • ...God?
  • ...The square root of 582? Probably not, right?
  • ...Particle physics?
  • ...Why that thing is under your bed?
  • ...What your Grandmother's first name is? I bet you just call her "Grandma," right? You disgust me.

Another userbox (a real one)[edit | edit source]

Gadzooks!   This user participates in
T h e   W i l d e   P r o j e c t !
(Or at least pretends to.)

To join the Wilde Project, just add {{User Wilde Project}} to your user page, go to Uncyclopedia:Wilde and add yourself to the list in the box in the lower right corner, and then start removing really bad Oscar Wilde quotes from articles that aren't improved by them. It's easy and fun!

Is Some user actually influential?[edit | edit source]

Recently the question of Some user's "influentiality" was raised. Though Some user scoffs at the very notion of his own notoriety, it cannot be denied that since Some user's initial appearance, several new users have appeared with names suspiciously similar to his. Has Some user started a trend? Or are all of these people actually Some user himself? You decide!

Pre-Some user[edit | edit source]

Post-Some user[edit | edit source]

Honorable mentions[edit | edit source]

User:No user, only a user page (one edit to alter pre-existing user page, 13 February 2006) • User:ThisIsAShortUsername (minimal activity since 31 Oct 2005) • User:Unuser (two edits, 23 February 2006) • User:User (two edits, 22 December 2005)

No edits (we suspect foul play)[edit | edit source]

User:Anti-userUser:Some guyUser:Some random guyUser:SomeguyUser:Someone elseUser:Someone1User:Someone42User:SomeonesmaskUser:Username

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