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“Laaaaaaaame. Despite the talk page, the article sucks, and should be banned from the Internet.”

~ Anonymous on Some Fool's work

“Doesn't it just break your heart when internet nerds dis' your bullshit?”

~ A friend of mine

Pages I'm responsible for:[edit]

The Everybody Loves Raymond Controversy[edit]

This page was crap because someone I know liked it. It's meteoric fall to the bottom of the VFH heap has become legend - at least to me and the few people I know personally who read uncyclopedia (but they don't count). Re-live the magic here [[1]]. And here.

What the critics said[edit]

“Nomination and For Why did nobody think of this before? I lost my right to vote because another user had his hand up my arse. ”

Strictly speaking, only about half of this quote was actually said by the speaker in question - guess which!

“Nothing suspicious at all about the author and the nominator... Especially nothing suspicious about the fact they attend the same university... And definitaly nothing suspicious about how the author magically stopped editing once the article was nominated... Nope, nothing suspicious at all. ”

It's all true!!!!!! Except for the magically stopped editing bit, which is due to this.

“No Way. I originally NRV'd this. And I agree w/ MoneySign... CONSPIRACY!”


“Laaaaaaaame. Despite the talk page, the article sucks, and should be banned from the Internet.”

Based upon the edit history page, though, I strongly suspect the author of that last was this guy. His disapproval makes me very sad.

How to: Hide a Dead Hooker[edit]

Am writing it currently. Will probably be a while. Am kind of busy. Well that and the fact that, believe it or not, I've never actually had cause to hide a dead hooker. Maybe I should be proud of this......

Pages I've substantially altered/added to[edit]

  • Australians. Did the Kangaroos section, re-wrote the opening paragraph, added 3 of the 4 quotes and saw to it that 'flaunt a glowing blade' had a link to 'Sexual Innuendo'.
  • Have placed quotes on various other pages (generally Oscar Wilde/Winston Churchill/ Nietzche quotes based upon stuff they actually said or sounding like stuff they'd actually say). This is pretty much it so far.

If you're reading something I wrote....[edit]

...... make sure you look at where the links actually go. That kind of thing amuses me. Mind you flashing lights amuse me too, so maybe you'll be wasting your time.

Current Goals[edit]

Gobshite of the month, followed by eventual banning. Feel free to help me out.

Things I wish I'd thought of[edit]

  • Immediately after the Raymond VFH glory, putting it straight onto VFD with comment: Let's see if I can win this vote. Bring it on, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!. It's too late to do it now. To commemorate this transgression, if by some bizarre miracle someone I've never met in the flesh actually nominates something I write, I solemly pledge to place it on VFD in the hopes of authoring the first ever article to be simultaneously elected onto the featured page and into oblivion.

Pages I think you should visit[edit]

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