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Other Attention-Worthy Articles[edit]

Some would say these are some of Some user's favorite non-Some-user-affiliated Uncyclopedia articles.

Personal Projects[edit]

Despite being on indefinite hiatus at the moment, Some user pops in now and again to tidy things up, take out the trash, and so on. This is his current list of things to do.

Useful Links[edit]

Some user likes to visit certain pages just for fun.

Featured articles[edit]

Still More Articles[edit]



Reformatted/Reorganized/Rewritten Unquotable Pages[edit]

Copy-Editing, Various Additions, etc.[edit]

Aerošrot  •  Al Qaeda Initiation Rites  •  Ambiguity  •  Anti-Sophia  •  Ape-Shit Crazy  •  Baconated Grapefruit  •  Bad Art  •  Bedroom  •  Carson Kressley  •  Christopher Walken  •  Chuck Norris  •  Citizen Kong  •  Colossus of Barbie  •  Do Not Remove  •  Edumacation  •  Edvard Munch  •  Egg  •  Everyone else  •  Featured Articles  •  Fisher Price: A Retrospective  •  Frank Black  •  Glob of Ectoplasm  •  Gradumacation  •  The Great Bunny of Christ's Resurrection  •  Hanging chad  •  HowTo:Survive a Robot Uprising  •  The Keep Your Finger In The Box Game  •  I maed a yuky doody  •  Le Corbusier  •  Listen to Your Heart  •  Little boy who lives down the street  •  Midget cockpunching terrorists  •  Neanderthal  •  OCD  •  Old hippie chick who's always collecting money  •  Or Else  •  Ralph Nader  •  Ramones  •  Rhubarb pie  •  Rob Schneider  •  UnBooks:See Dick  •  Self-aggrandizement  •  Separated at birth  •  Sexual Congress  •  Snidely Whiplash  •  Strawberry  •  Talk:Euripides  •  That old woman next door  •  Top Secret Nazi Moon Bases  •  Trumpet  •  Vitriol  •  War on Humor  •  Whimsy  •  White Man  •  Wiki Mule  •  Wikibureaucracy  •  Wikipedophiles  •  Wikithug  •  Z



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